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My Favorite YouTube Channels for Watercolor Inspirations and Lessons

I can't count the number of times that I mentioned in this website how much I enjoy painting using watercolor. I love how flexible the medium is and how prone to accidents that make each painting I did unique - even if the finished art sometimes look like a total disaster. One cannot overly emphasize… Continue reading My Favorite YouTube Channels for Watercolor Inspirations and Lessons


Ian’s October 2021 Homeschooling Highlights

This post will be a short one because Ian had his first quarterly exams this month. We spent about a week reviewing his lessons from starts of this school year. He then spent 3 days finishing all exam materials as I didn't want him to do all in one day. This has been our practice… Continue reading Ian’s October 2021 Homeschooling Highlights


Homeschooling Highlights for February 2021

Ian's First Week Ian played games for vocabulary, spelling, and sentence construction using the website recommended by a friend: If you would like your young children to practice the lessons he or she has learned so far in English, this website offers simple games for quizzes and exercises. Here are other websites that I… Continue reading Homeschooling Highlights for February 2021

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My YouTube Channel

Do you have YouTube channel, my dear readerships? I've had my YouTube account since last year but it's only this week that I actively upload videos on there. Before this week, I have only used the app with my kids for tutorials and video links related to their lessons. I seldom post videos of me… Continue reading My YouTube Channel


January 2021 Homeschooling Highlights

Ian's first week Ian's First Week Studied about circuits and magnets. He also participated in his older brother's experiment on Reversible vs Irreversible Reaction which involved burning sugar, butter, and candle wax, as well as, dissolving flour and baking soda in water and vinegar, respectively. Ian also read about how earth changes due to natural… Continue reading January 2021 Homeschooling Highlights