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Paint Harry Potter with Me and the Busy Months Ahead

Hello, my dear readerships. If you noticed, I haven’t written much these past few weeks. I was away for two weeks for the much needed holiday break last month and my January was jampacked with my teaching responsibilities such as review of my students’ performance tasks and grading. I am also mentally and physically preparing myself for the rigors of the coming semester that I expect to be fully loaded academically again. I don’t feel the semestral break at all because I will spend it writing my thesis proposal. How time flies!

Don’t worry though. I will do my best to write here especially things related to homeschooling and our local travels plus a few science stuff. Despite the heavy schedule I had last month, I managed to squeeze in 1.5 hours worth of my time to teach homeschoolers how to paint Harry Potter as one way of celebrating the beloved story’s 20th anniversary. I feel so old just thinking about it. Has it been really that long since the first movie? Here’s the video link to the class that we did last Sunday:

Just a heads up, the video is 1.5 hours long simply because I didn’t have the time to edit and shorten the video. I suggest that you fast forward through the times I spent waiting for the kids to finish their washes. To my new readerships, I often host free basic watercolor painting for homeschooling kids through our Facebook group. The objective of the class is to provide a venue for the kids to interact with each other albeit digitally as well as provide free art class for their portfolio. This month I’m planning to do a giveaway promo – mechanics to be announced very soon! I am also planning to host another watercolor art, in two weeks time. Our subject will be Hedwig, Harry’s beloved snowy owl.

If you would like to paint along, this is the sketching instruction we used for Harry Potter chibi drawing that I lifted off Pinterest from

harry potter chibi drawing

I just drew and painted an impressionistic version of the forbidden forest and stag behind Harry Potter as his background. Feel free to paint along and I hope you and your kids will have fun painting with me in this video tutorial.

Enjoy painting!


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