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This Pandemic Has Become My Second Childhood

For my kids' generation, learning a new skill is so much more accessible now than it was during my time. It's normal for kids now to learn a skill or two during summer break. Some of the families I know have daughters who learn ballet, sons who take up martial arts, some whose kids go… Continue reading This Pandemic Has Become My Second Childhood

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When This Pandemic is Over

Have you listed down the things you will be doing once this pandemic is over? I have. I am usually an optimistic person. I know someday soon, this pandemic will be over, and things will go back to normal for everyone. Everyone will be stronger, wiser, and survivors. Before I go over my list, I… Continue reading When This Pandemic is Over

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The Fabulous Scientist is Back!

Hey, everyone. My apologies if it took me some time to visit and write on here. It's been a busy month with all the portfolio preparations and back-to-back watercolor painting classes that I have committed to do for our homeschooling community. I also had to deal with depression related to this pandemic in between. It's… Continue reading The Fabulous Scientist is Back!


Homeschooling Highlights for April 2021

Photo collage of Ian's first week. 🙂 Ian's First Week For Math, Ian practiced mental addition of hundreds using techniques described in Math Mammoth. He continued his lessons in "pang-abay" (in English, adverbs) using lessons from our homeschool provider. For Sibika, Ian reviewed and discussed all the responsibilities of community members.For Science we did three… Continue reading Homeschooling Highlights for April 2021

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This Website is Starting to Look Like An Art Blog

The whole Metro Manila, Philippines, is still on lockdown due to COVID. It's hard to get supplies or get around because even public transportation is limited. So forgive me, my dear readerships, if I am resorting to art rather than science lately to distract me from the stressful situation we are in right now. I… Continue reading This Website is Starting to Look Like An Art Blog


Homeschooling Highlights for March 2021

Ian's First Week As part of geometry lesson, Ian made solids using patterns we printed. We assembled a cone, a cube, and a pyramid. He then learned about the concept of angles, parallel and perpendicular lines relative to these solids. For English, Ian learned how to use "will" and "shall".Ian learned about civic organizations/NGOs who… Continue reading Homeschooling Highlights for March 2021

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Been Busy Crafting: My Latest Upcycling Projects

Hello my dear readerships. I know it has been a while since I updated this blog but I have been busy doing what I love best especially in this pandemic - I have been crafting! With the staggering rise in the number of COVID cases in the country especially in the major cities of the… Continue reading Been Busy Crafting: My Latest Upcycling Projects


Homeschooling Highlights for February 2021

Ian's First Week Ian played games for vocabulary, spelling, and sentence construction using the website recommended by a friend: If you would like your young children to practice the lessons he or she has learned so far in English, this website offers simple games for quizzes and exercises. Here are other websites that I… Continue reading Homeschooling Highlights for February 2021

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How I Upcycled My Old Eye Makeup Palette Into A Travel-Size Watercolor Palette (With Full Demo Video)

Dabbling in art, particularly watercolor, can be expensive. I admit, I had to save some moolah in order to afford the brushes and artist grade watercolors that I am currently using now. I'm lucky my sister gave me a set of Daniel Smith Alvaro Castagnet tubes for Christmas and I was able to sell trinkets… Continue reading How I Upcycled My Old Eye Makeup Palette Into A Travel-Size Watercolor Palette (With Full Demo Video)

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My YouTube Channel

Do you have YouTube channel, my dear readerships? I've had my YouTube account since last year but it's only this week that I actively upload videos on there. Before this week, I have only used the app with my kids for tutorials and video links related to their lessons. I seldom post videos of me… Continue reading My YouTube Channel