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Teach HELE, Science, and Art in One Project – Soap Making

Friday is usually Art Day in our homeschooling weekly schedule. But on the first week of this year which happens to be their daddy's birthday week, we decided to do art two days earlier by painting watercolor cards for him. So instead of the usual watercolor painting for Art Day, we decided to make soaps… Continue reading Teach HELE, Science, and Art in One Project – Soap Making

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My Favorite Shopee Store (Yes, there’s only one!)

One of the things I help my entrepreneur friends with is about leveraging their business through social media marketing. Not only that, I also give tips and advice on how to take care of their clients. One of those tips, and I'd say, the most important of them all, is treating their clients in special… Continue reading My Favorite Shopee Store (Yes, there’s only one!)


November and December 2020 Homeschooling Highlights of Ian and Nereus

Ian's Science Highlights Ian made a model of earth and it's interior, he even made a moon model to go with it. He was so serious about his task because he loves geography next to stars and galaxies. He also identified land and water forms on a geography book about Washington State, which was given… Continue reading November and December 2020 Homeschooling Highlights of Ian and Nereus

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How A Single Book Got Me Into Watercolor Painting

December2020 My own portrait of Emily in Paris. 😉 My first portrait of a child. For most of my friends who have known me for years, when someone mentions art, I’m prolly the last person they would think of. I never took formal art courses and had not painted anything before this year. Truth be… Continue reading How A Single Book Got Me Into Watercolor Painting


Surviving Natural Disasters Class

If you have noticed that I have not been writing here a lot, I do apologize. The past months have been pretty hectic for me what with my social media management work, homeschooling, as well as my side hustles. But here's some good news! I'm conducting a class about how to prepare for natural disasters… Continue reading Surviving Natural Disasters Class


October 2020 Homeschooling Highlights

Our October has been so busy and filled with homeschooling activities despite the sadness and boredom that hit us every now and down because of being cooped up at home a lot. Science For Science, majority of our lesson were centered on preservation of flora and fauna as well as the importance of tress and… Continue reading October 2020 Homeschooling Highlights


September 2020 Homeschooling Highlights

Since school year started, things have been hectic at home. Aside from homeschooling, I have been painting in watercolor a lot now, my Young Living essential oil business has been taking off, and I'm also managing a publisher's social media accounts. Things this week have been slow though so I had time to write this.… Continue reading September 2020 Homeschooling Highlights

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My Watercolor Journey: How I Started and Where to Get Supplies and Free Tutorials

Have you ever just accepted a criticism from a person and convinced yourself that she or he is probably right? The first time this happened to me where art is concerned was when a classmate in high school watched me sketch and told me that my hands are too heavy, that I can never be… Continue reading My Watercolor Journey: How I Started and Where to Get Supplies and Free Tutorials


Homeschooling Highlights for August 2020

For the month of August, majority of our homeschooling activities focused on so many things about our home country, the Philippines, this being the month of our national language - Filipino. We also did plenty of art, STEM projects (such as Mars Rover and Helicopter prototypes from NASA), data gathering for science through play, and… Continue reading Homeschooling Highlights for August 2020


July 2020 Homeschooling Highlights

Hey, parents! How are you doing? Did you start your homeschooling lessons yet? I hope that despite the pandemic, things are a-okay with you and your family. We started early with our homeschooling, as early as 3rd week of June, because the kids have been getting bored being stuck at home. Last summer, we were… Continue reading July 2020 Homeschooling Highlights