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Volcanology 101 with Chris Newhall

The phreatic eruption of Taal has me walking down the memory lane the past days. I remember my Volcanology training in June 2012 when my colleagues and I had the privilege to get mentored by former USGS Geologist and Volcanologist, Chris Newhall. This is going to be a short blog with the intention to share… Continue reading Volcanology 101 with Chris Newhall

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The Lowering of Taal Lake and Rock Deformation: Result of Magma Upwelling

In my previous post, I described three possible scenarios that might explain why the Pansipit River dried up so quickly in one day. In an interview between our kabayan, Noli De Castro and Dr. Renato Solidum, USEC and director of PHIVOLCS, the director mentioned that the level of crater lake is lower now than the… Continue reading The Lowering of Taal Lake and Rock Deformation: Result of Magma Upwelling

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Why did Pansipit River in Batangas Dry Up?

Photos of Pansipit River suddenly drying up in Batangas has been going around in social media since yesterday. I would like to make an intelligent guess (or hypothesis) as to why this has happened. This was an article written by Manila Bulletin on their website regarding the drying up of the river. And this was… Continue reading Why did Pansipit River in Batangas Dry Up?

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Find Out If Your Barangay is Within the Danger Zone

This is an interactive, web-based GIS tool that allows you to see the danger zones in kilometer radius around the eruptive crater of Taal. It’s quite easy to follow, you and the kids will enjoy dong this together for sure! I’ve taken the following post from GeoRisk Philippines as also shared by PHIVOLCS on Facebook.… Continue reading Find Out If Your Barangay is Within the Danger Zone

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Phreatomagmatic Eruption as Explained to Kids

In the previous post, I explained the mechanism that drove the phreatic eruption of Taal last January 12. Yesterday, PHIVOLCS announced that Taal is now at the stage of Phreatomagmatic or Hydrovolcanic activity. What does that mean? Screenshot of Dr. Encarnacion's (a_geologist @ IG) sketch below illustrates what could be happening inside Taal. The magma… Continue reading Phreatomagmatic Eruption as Explained to Kids

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Taal’s Phreatic Eruption Explained for Kids

Phreatic eruption as sketched by my fellow geologist, Dr. Encarnacion. Hi, fellow homeschoolers. Feel free to share this info to your kids as part of your lessons. 🙂 This is a nice drawing of a fellow Geologist, Dr. John Encarnacion, illustrating how the Taal phreatic eruption may have occurred. The ascending magma heats up the… Continue reading Taal’s Phreatic Eruption Explained for Kids

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My First Apprenticeship Program

Part of my goal last year was to form a team of apprentice whom I could teach how about bead jewelry making. I decided that in order for this business to grow, I would need to train people who will create pieces to increase my product inventory. With the colossal task of homeschooling my kids,… Continue reading My First Apprenticeship Program


December Homeschooling Highlights

My kids and I only had two weeks of formal classes this month so this article will be short. The month was the most relaxed period of our homeschooling so far. We had a week where we had to do summative tests.   I did not expect that there would a series of tests again as… Continue reading December Homeschooling Highlights

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My dad gave me a dollar and I felt rich

The one dollar bill my dad gave me. If you have been reading my posts, you’d know that my daddy passed away last April 28, sadly on my birth month too. It has been tough for us on coming to terms with the loss especially at this time of the year when families reunite for… Continue reading My dad gave me a dollar and I felt rich


Local Business Review: Thriftee

Local Online Store Review for Thriftee In selling, getting “buying” clients is half the battle. The other half is getting them to buy from you again. One of the things I learned from Simon Sinek’s podcasts is humanising business by treating your online clients as “humans” rather than name and numbers that translate to money… Continue reading Local Business Review: Thriftee