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The Fabulous Scientist is Back!

Hey, everyone. My apologies if it took me some time to visit and write on here. It's been a busy month with all the portfolio preparations and back-to-back watercolor painting classes that I have committed to do for our homeschooling community. I also had to deal with depression related to this pandemic in between. It's… Continue reading The Fabulous Scientist is Back!

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Earrings Galore Part 2 (Valentine’s Day Series)

I'm on my sick leave day 2 so please pardon me if I've been posting like a maniac. I do like to keep my hands busy because my eyes are really itchy. It's the only way to keep my hands from rubbing them. My doctor told me to relax but my brain is bursting with… Continue reading Earrings Galore Part 2 (Valentine’s Day Series)

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Charm Bracelets

Let's admit it girls, at one point, we owned at least one charm bracelet.  Charm bracelets have been around for ages.  In fact, in ancient times, charm bracelets were used to ward off devils.  Charm bracelets can be made of anything - bones, wood, shells, glass, gemstone, plastic beads, anything!  This bracelet used to mean… Continue reading Charm Bracelets