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Earrings Galore Part 2 (Valentine’s Day Series)

I’m on my sick leave day 2 so please pardon me if I’ve been posting like a maniac. I do like to keep my hands busy because my eyes are really itchy. It’s the only way to keep my hands from rubbing them. My doctor told me to relax but my brain is bursting with ideas for jewelry. So I listened to my brain instead. LOL  And also because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m hoping to sell some of these to girls who are going to a date on that day and wants a pair of earrings to complement their outfit. If there are boys out there looking for a V.D. gift, you might find a pair or two to give your bestie or partner. 🙂 Interested to buy? Visit my online shoppe here.

Here are the earrings I’ve finished just now:

PSX_20150127_1158541. Rebel Heart – I’d like to call this pair that because of Les Miserable’s Red and Black song. I know, it’s stupid. But I was running outta ideas on what to call my earrings. Haha! I just wish the heart charm says “Mad with Love” instead of “Made with Love”. Would have made sense more with Rebel. LOL


2. Another Made With Love Earrings – I used faux pearls, clear heart, crystal-studded spacer and blue green crystals for this pair. 🙂


3. Buttons and Hearts – I used old yellow buttons, glued them to blue green acrylic beads and connected with heart and crystal elements. I love how it turned out, it’s color blocked! 🙂


4.Crystal Heart – As if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m really lousy at naming my pieces. I’ll do my best to be creative next time.  This pair is also color blocked using orange bicone and blue green rondelle crystals.


5. Star and Heart – Now this pair turned out cute. I used shell heart in purple and combined with yellow plastic star and round beads. This pair is quite light to wear and very casual, great for kids too!


6.  Buttons and Chips – Made using shells, mother-of-pearl, and buttons, this pair is cute as a button (pun intended!).  The round metal charm added some flare to this pair. I think this pair is my favorite in this batch. It will be sad to part with them. (Or I can always make a second pair for me.)


7. Letters to Juliet – I love that movie because Amanda Seyfried is in it and it’s romantic (dreamy eyes inserted here). So I decided to make this pair with charms etched with letters “find joy in the journey”. I mean, why not?


8. Blue Gemstone Earrings – Okay, this pair of gemstone I have not tested (acid and hardness, at least) so I can’t identify it. I just know that they’re blue and they’re semi precious, thus, blue gemstone. Aha! Paired with daisy nickel alloy spacers and orange cats eye, voila, classic piece. 🙂


And in case you haven’t noticed yet, I used C.S. Lewis’s “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” as backdrop for these lovely danglers.

Hope you like them! 🙂

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