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Charm Bracelets

Let’s admit it girls, at one point, we owned at least one charm bracelet.  Charm bracelets have been around for ages.  In fact, in ancient times, charm bracelets were used to ward off devils.  Charm bracelets can be made of anything – bones, wood, shells, glass, gemstone, plastic beads, anything!  This bracelet used to mean (or may still mean) something to its wearer.  A traveler may want her charm bracelet to have charms such as suitcase, plane or boat while a fashion savvy girl may opt to have her charm bracelet with elements such as hair brush, mirror, lipstick charms, ec.

Obviously, as with most things on earth, charm bracelets have evolved from devil-warding accessory to something that will complement attires, mainly as fashion statement.  One of the famous producers of charm bracelet is Pandora.

Mine are not exactly like Pandora’s because I use mostly locally sourced or recycled beads. Plus, I don’t use machine to make my bracelets, everything’s been made by hand (and absolutely handmade with love!). Here are some of the pieces I recently assembled which are also now available for sale online on my shoppe.



1. Winter Sonata – I made this bracelet last week. I’d like to think that the cold weather had inspired me to make this one but to be perfectly honest, the snowflake charms have been seating in my bead organizer for a long time now, I had to use them already! 🙂


2. Under Locks and Keys – No, I didn’t mean that the would-be wearer of this one should be someone introverted or something, nothing profound like that. But the combination of yellow, brass and blood stone had completed the vintage look of this charm bracelet, best paired with your favorite bright-colored top and shorts especially this coming summer!


3. Serenity Bracelet – while this is not technically a charm bracelet because of the absence of charms and chain, I’m posting it here, just because. LOL I have so many turquoise beads so I decided to use them for this project and for the earrings I made just recently. (You can read about the earrings here.)


4. Amethyst Love – Also not technically a charm bracelet, I love how the moonstone and amethyst beads look nice together with the metal charm. I used half of the heart toggle clasp and one lobster clasp as fastener for this bracelet.



5. Believe Bracelet – I put this angel charm as an afterthought. I think the bloodstone beads and amber glass beads completed the vintage look of this bracelet.


6. Vintage Owl Charm Bracelet – this bracelet was inspired by one of the bracelets I stumbled upon at Pinterest.  But instead of ceramic, I used brass owl. 🙂

If you liked one of these, go ahead and buy. They’re still available at my shoppe! 🙂

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