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Earrings Galore Part 1

One reason why I’d like to call myself “the fabulous scientist” aside from plain vanity (LOL) is I do love designing and making beaded fashion accessories and yes, there’s also science in creating them! When combining elements, a jewelry designer, newbie (like me) or not, has to consider color combinations, symmetry, weight of materials, etc. More on this later.

Since I’m currently sick and had nothing much to do (I wouldn’t be caught dead doing nothing), I decided to create a few pairs to sell on my online shop:

Here they are:

Tip of the day (though a self-serving one, LOL):

If you’re buying a gift for your girlfriend this coming Valentine’s Day, give her handmade jewelry/ies crafted with love by local crafters (like me!). Not only will you help feed the hungry (I know, shameless!), you’d also be giving something that’s NOT mass produced and made of locally sourced beads.  Some of these beads were actually recycled from old clothes (source of buttons); broken/old necklaces and earrings; and bought from local suppliers. Let’s support our local crafters! (insert sheepish smile here)

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