About Grass

Hi! My name is Grass and I’m a Geologist at your service. Beside me is a four-decade old petrographic microscope I’ve used for analyzing thousands of rocks in thin sections – most of them volcanic rocks obtained from 3 kilometers below earth’s surface.

Here are things about me:

I love singing.

This is me as Cosette.

And this is me as Susan in the play, Tick! Tick! Boom!

I love acting and making funny videos, most of them were not shared on social media. If someone were to snag my phone, I’m totally screwed.

I love creating with my hands as stress buster. You can visit some of my works here.

Science is my passion that’s why I took Geology in college. Although not technically a geologist, Albert Einstein is my favorite scientist. Teaching science has become a personal advocacy hence, I offer all my online lessons here free. My Geology Tours were designed for kids to experience a geologist’s life for a day.

I’m also into aromatherapy. More than two years ago I founded my team, Oilista Manila dedicated to teaching about essential oils through our blog. Visit our Oilista Manila blog for free lessons and recipes.

I’m currently training to become a social media manager and SEO specialist. Content writing is my specialty. Will launch my creative portfolio real soon!

As final note, I hope that you will learn something from reading this blog. My intention will always be to make science particularly geology accessible to homeschooling families. I also hope to make you laugh, cry, ponder, be inspired with my blog.

Finally, these two are the very reason why every day is a miracle. I love them both so much.


Welcome to my blog!



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