About The Fabulous Scientist

This is me, Geologist at your service. Beside me is the four-decade old petrographic microscope I’ve used for analyzing thousands of rocks in thin sections – most of them volcanic rocks obtained from 3 kilometers below earth’s surface.

So here is a long intro about me:

I love singing. I came from a family of musicians and singers. My parents thought I was tone-deaf growing up. Maybe I was. But I joined a choir in elementary, lost in singing competition in high school, and went back to singing in college by joining UP Tinig Filipiana. I joined the UP Ambassadors before UP TF but had to stop my training short due to several fieldwork schedules for my major subjects in Geology.

I am also a frustrated dancer. I wasn’t graceful when I was a kid and my parents could not afford to send me to a dance school. For so many years, we lived in the slums. When I worked as Geologist for a government agency, I joined dance classes as part of my fitness routine. Not long after, people would watch me and my colleagues perform a fusion of bellydancing and Filipino Igorot dance choregraphed by my bellydancing instructor, ate Malou, in a mining conference in Baguio City. I led that dance.  In 2011, I performed as Cosette, the lover of Marius in Le Miserables; and Susan from Tick! Tick! Boom!, a musical by Larsson who also created Rent, in a local musical stage camp play “Louder than Words” by 9Works.

This is me as Cosette.

And this is me as Susan in the play, Tick! Tick! Boom!

I also had my share of failures. I auditioned for Beauty and the Beast by KAPI and didn’t get a callback. I auditioned for the role of Timone, a musical play, “Once on this Island” (a remake in the university during my time) and landed the role. However, the play did not push through due to lack of funding and refusal by the original producers to grant permission for remake.

I also taught myself to design and make beaded jewelry. All thanks to the internet for the wealth of D.I.Y.s and demo videos; my voracious appetite for learning; and the pleasure of creating with my hands. I also collected arts and crafts magazines specifically about beadweaving, micro macrame and wirewrapping. You can visit some of my works here.

So why name my blog “the fabulous scientist”?
You’ve only read about my artistic side so far but professionally, I’m a Geologist.

Science was my favorite subject growing up.  My grades would be highest in all science subjects when I was in grade school and high school. It was the only subject that can pull me out of my day dreams. I was kind of a loner then.

I entered U.P. Diliman as a Physics student but opted to shift to Geology because I was scared of failing so many calculus subjects that could make me lose my DOST scholarship. I needed my DOST scholarship to finance me through college. But if I may so, it was a move that landed me a successful career in the industry. I worked as project research associate in UP NIGS for two years. I then joined MGB-DENR and worked there for almost five years. Then, I had a short stint in the mining sector before working in a big energy company for almost eight years.

It is because of my job as Geologist that I was able to travel around the country, explore cultures, appreciate mother nature at her finest, and learn so much about humanity that has molded me into the best version of myself yet. If I may so, Geology, is art, culture, and science combined. Maybe that’s the main reason why Sheldon Cooper does not call it science. I totally disagree! Haha!

As final note, I hope you will learn something from reading this blog. My intention will always be to help fellow homeschoolers have access to science while learning also about facets of my life that hope to inspire. Below is a photo of my two kids who will always be my source of hope, motivation, and inspiration.


Welcome to my blog!



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