My Geology Tours

Geology Tour at the UP NIGS Museum

Join me for a 3-hour alternative learning class in Earth Science, The Geology Tour. This tour is designed to help kids and their parents have basic appreciation of science, particularly, Geology. In this tour, the participants will learn some basic concepts about Earth, including the rocks and minerals that make up the planet; fossils; geologic hazards; maps; and the roles of geologists in the society while looking at the actual specimens at the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) Museum, UP Diliman campus.

But this is not your typical museum tour! Kids and parents will get to do the following activities as well:

1. feel and analyze some of the specimens;

2. learn how Geologists identify the rocks and minerals;

3. learn about different geologic hazards such as flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, landslide, and storm surge;

4. and know where these geologic hazards have occurred in the country.

As part of the tour, I will also demonstrate an improved version of the Earthquake Drill as adapted from Doc Ted Esguerra of Team Rescue 8 and will also teach the participants the essentials to include in their Go Bags.

After the museum tour, participants will get to experience how Geologists work in the field through a short fieldwork at one of the rock outcrops in UP Diliman campus, inside the institute. In the field work I will introduce the basic tools Geologists use on the field; teach the participants how to describe rocks; and discuss the use of topographic map and GPS in locating one’s self.

To join, please fill-out the Geology Tour Enlistment form per schedule. Instructions will be sent to you after submitting the form. Please take note that this event is on a first come first served basis.

Update as of May 28, 2020: Due to the pandemic, my Geology Tours are on-hold until further notice. In the meantime, do visit my free online lessons in this blog and other homeschooling-related posts. Cheers!

Geology Tour Enlistment Form for Febuary 19, 2020:

Update as of February 4, 2020: The February 19 schedule is fully booked and we have stopped accepting responses for this form.

Geology Tour Enlistment Form for Febuary 20, 2020:

Update as of February 4, 2020: The February 20 AM session is full. The PM session has 30 slots still available.

Geology Tour Enlistment Form for Febuary 26, 2020:

Update as of Febuary 4, 2020: The February 26 AM session is full while the PM session has 26 slots still open.

Update as of February 16, 2020: We have stopped accepting responses for our Geology Tours for this month. Reminders and geology tour announcements have been sent via e-mail to all participants.

Update as of today, March 11, 2020: There won’t be any Geology Tour for this month to lessen exposure to COVID-19.