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Been Busy Crafting: My Latest Upcycling Projects

Hello my dear readerships. I know it has been a while since I updated this blog but I have been busy doing what I love best especially in this pandemic - I have been crafting! With the staggering rise in the number of COVID cases in the country especially in the major cities of the… Continue reading Been Busy Crafting: My Latest Upcycling Projects

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My First Apprenticeship Program

Part of my goal last year was to form a team of apprentice whom I could teach how about bead jewelry making. I decided that in order for this business to grow, I would need to train people who will create pieces to increase my product inventory. With the colossal task of homeschooling my kids,… Continue reading My First Apprenticeship Program

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Recycle your garbage into jewelry!

​  Did you know that manufacturing companies use up tons of water to make products as small as a toothpick, or a pair of flip flops or in this blog's case, a meter-long iPad charger?  Yes, it's true. That's why it has been my personal advocacy to recycle or upcycle what I can because not only… Continue reading Recycle your garbage into jewelry!

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Of paper beads, gift cards and dreams

When I was about five years old, my mom would bring me to this gift shoppe where an aunt of mine used to be its attendant. The shop was just across the public market where we shopped for groceries. I loved that gift shoppe because it sold so many cute items I wanted for myself.  But since I could… Continue reading Of paper beads, gift cards and dreams

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Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

Wire wrapping is one of my favorite techniques in making jewelry. Two of my friends had recently commissioned me to design and create necklaces and bracelets out of the tumblestones they got from their recent travels. The project was actually for Christmas but since I had no yaya for my kids during the Christmas break… Continue reading Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

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Interchangeable Dangling Earrings

Introducing my first ever Interchangeable Earrings - Crystal Series. Danglers can be removed and replaced with another pair or mismatch them if you want, it's up to you! Set includes: 1 pair of pink dangler 1 pair of snowflake dangler 1 pair of Swarovski topaz dangler 1 pair stainless steel hoops

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Earrings Galore Part 2 (Valentine’s Day Series)

I'm on my sick leave day 2 so please pardon me if I've been posting like a maniac. I do like to keep my hands busy because my eyes are really itchy. It's the only way to keep my hands from rubbing them. My doctor told me to relax but my brain is bursting with… Continue reading Earrings Galore Part 2 (Valentine’s Day Series)

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Charm Bracelets

Let's admit it girls, at one point, we owned at least one charm bracelet.  Charm bracelets have been around for ages.  In fact, in ancient times, charm bracelets were used to ward off devils.  Charm bracelets can be made of anything - bones, wood, shells, glass, gemstone, plastic beads, anything!  This bracelet used to mean… Continue reading Charm Bracelets

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Earrings Galore Part 1

One reason why I'd like to call myself "the fabulous scientist" aside from plain vanity (LOL) is I do love designing and making beaded fashion accessories and yes, there's also science in creating them! When combining elements, a jewelry designer, newbie (like me) or not, has to consider color combinations, symmetry, weight of materials, etc.… Continue reading Earrings Galore Part 1