Jewelry Design, Recycling

Recycle your garbage into jewelry!

 Did you know that manufacturing companies use up tons of water to make products as small as a toothpick, or a pair of flip flops or in this blog’s case, a meter-long iPad charger?  Yes, it’s true. That’s why it has been my personal advocacy to recycle or upcycle what I can because not only is this helpful to the environment, seriously, you can make pretty things out of garbage. Take my word for it! 🙂
I was spring cleaning my small flat when I came across my old iPad chargers I bought from CDR King which are no longer working. I was about to throw them into the waste bin but they were too pretty. Then it hit me, I could make these cords into jewelries!
So what I did was cut off the end parts (the ones you insert into your gadget and electrical outlet) and burned the ends with a lighter (I use lighters for paracords, I don’t smoke!) so the outer fibers don’t fray. Then, I put on large-holed beads such as Pandora-inspired beads, metal chain and some metal charms and voila!  Pretty arm candies that can be converted into necklace!
 These are currently selling at my online shoppe, Island Chic Boutique,  at PhP 199 apiece. I made two!
I’m also into paper art though I’ve only done basic origami and paper cutting. But what I love doing the most is paper bead making! I like how random patterns are created when rolling papers. I also like making jewelries out of paper beads and in fact, had sold quite a few. Here are some of the paper beads and jewelries I made recently.
 Barrel-shaped paper beads I made using old gift wrappers, music sheets and old calendars. I used scrapbooking eyelets to make them look like Pandora beads.
 These pillow paper beads are made using two different colred paper strips out of old calendars too.
 And these are some of the jewelries I made out of paper beads. I still have and wear them at work. 🙂

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