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Growing Vegetables and Fruits Indoors Using Kratky Hydroponics System

As mentioned in my previous article, one of the skills that I have found useful in this pandemic is growing food through gardening. Three days before my birthday, I asked a friend for ideas on how I could grow vegetables indoors, in a limited space such as my condo unit. That day I was having… Continue reading Growing Vegetables and Fruits Indoors Using Kratky Hydroponics System

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Skills That Are My Lifesavers In This Pandemic

The virus, SARS-COV-2, has left all of us feeling overwhelmed and anxious. We have so far, as of this writing, lost more than two hundred fellow Filipinos, and with more than five thousand who tested positive. Our country ranks first in southeast asia in terms of number of cases and fatalities. Because the virus quickly… Continue reading Skills That Are My Lifesavers In This Pandemic


July 2019 Homeschooling Highlights

Aside from the Geology Tour that I organized for homeschoolers, a number of awesome things happened during our 2nd month of homeschooling. Below are some of the highlights of activities for the month of July: My youngest son enrolled in piano for his MAPEH. Although music is my second love, I can't teach its technical… Continue reading July 2019 Homeschooling Highlights

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Recycle your magnet cards into bookmarks

I admit, I'm guilty of having thrown away so many things that could have been reused/upcycled/recycled before. I still do and I feel guilty because trash goes to oceans eventually and kill so many awesome marine life. So since last month I've have been challenging myself every week on reusing/upcycling some of my trash. This… Continue reading Recycle your magnet cards into bookmarks

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Recycle your garbage into jewelry!

​  Did you know that manufacturing companies use up tons of water to make products as small as a toothpick, or a pair of flip flops or in this blog's case, a meter-long iPad charger?  Yes, it's true. That's why it has been my personal advocacy to recycle or upcycle what I can because not only… Continue reading Recycle your garbage into jewelry!