July 2019 Homeschooling Highlights

Aside from the Geology Tour that I organized for homeschoolers, a number of awesome things happened during our 2nd month of homeschooling. Below are some of the highlights of activities for the month of July: My youngest son enrolled in piano for his MAPEH. Although music is my second love, I can't teach its technical… Continue reading July 2019 Homeschooling Highlights

Homeschooling, Recycling

Recycle your magnet cards into bookmarks

I admit, I'm guilty of having thrown away so many things that could have been reused/upcycled/recycled before. I still do and I feel guilty because trash goes to oceans eventually and kill so many awesome marine life. So since last month I've have been challenging myself every week on reusing/upcycling some of my trash. This… Continue reading Recycle your magnet cards into bookmarks

Jewelry Design, Recycling

Recycle your garbage into jewelry!

​  Did you know that manufacturing companies use up tons of water to make products as small as a toothpick, or a pair of flip flops or in this blog's case, a meter-long iPad charger?  Yes, it's true. That's why it has been my personal advocacy to recycle or upcycle what I can because not only… Continue reading Recycle your garbage into jewelry!