Ian’s Homeschooling Highlights for July to August 2021

We started our homeschooling in July, earlier than the official date prescribed by our provider. We do this so we can have longer rest in December. One major change in our homeschooling journey is that Nereus, my eldest, wanted to go to a regular school for Junior High School so we enrolled him in a… Continue reading Ian’s Homeschooling Highlights for July to August 2021

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Junk Journaling – A New Found Love

I used to collect stationery papers when I was a kid. It was a fad for a while. We also used to sell them in our "sari-sari" store (Filipino version of a grocer). It was mostly the ladies who bought them but I remember saving money to buy for myself as well. I especially loved… Continue reading Junk Journaling – A New Found Love


February Homeschooling Highlights

For Math, Nereus has started studying about circle, angles, polygons, single-step equations; and number patterns; while Ian has started learning the basics of multiplication and division using pictographs. Ian has also learned to count money and perform basic addition of money. Money is something that we delayed teaching Ian although he does know that a… Continue reading February Homeschooling Highlights


January 2020 Homeschooling Highlights

Ian has started his lesson in multiplication while Nereus has continued with his lessons on different types of angles and polygons. Writing down notes about different types of angles for his math lesson. 2. We created a simple rotor using copper wire, magnet, battery and safety pins as our experiment to demonstrate electricity flow for… Continue reading January 2020 Homeschooling Highlights


December Homeschooling Highlights

My kids and I only had two weeks of formal classes this month so this article will be short. The month was the most relaxed period of our homeschooling so far. We had a week where we had to do summative tests.   I did not expect that there would a series of tests again as… Continue reading December Homeschooling Highlights


Unboxing Our Mini Wikahon-A

One of my realizations as first time homeschooling parent teacher is that Filipino, sadly, is the hardest to teach despite it being our native tongue at home. Unlike most families I meet in our community, we talk in Filipino more than half the time, speaking in our second language, English, only when our lessons are… Continue reading Unboxing Our Mini Wikahon-A


July 2019 Homeschooling Highlights

Aside from the Geology Tour that I organized for homeschoolers, a number of awesome things happened during our 2nd month of homeschooling. Below are some of the highlights of activities for the month of July: My youngest son enrolled in piano for his MAPEH. Although music is my second love, I can't teach its technical… Continue reading July 2019 Homeschooling Highlights


2nd Week Homeschooling Highlights

Setting up a classroom atmosphere in the house is not easy because of the constant distractions around such as neighbors or delivery guys knocking on your door, the bed, the TV, the phone ringing, etc. In order to set the classroom I feel, I do the following preparations like a clockwork: I turn on the… Continue reading 2nd Week Homeschooling Highlights