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Junk Journaling – A New Found Love

I used to collect stationery papers when I was a kid. It was a fad for a while. We also used to sell them in our “sari-sari” store (Filipino version of a grocer). It was mostly the ladies who bought them but I remember saving money to buy for myself as well. I especially loved the scented ones! I used to keep them in one of our drawers to keep everything inside smelling nice. I also used to carry some of the papers to school to show off to my friends.

I stopped collecting when I was about 9 years old. I remember it happened after my mom saw a handwritten note addressed to my crush at school using the scented set I had. It was the only time I ever used the papers for writing a message. Anyway, she told everyone at home about it. Even to this day, I never understood why my aunts, uncles, and parents had to tease me for years about it. Didn’t they have a crush when they were kids? Anyway I was so traumatized (okay, maybe a hyperbole) by the teasing that I stopped collecting. I no longer remember what happened to my collection. Maybe my aunts used them to write their love letters (haha). All I remember was that I lost interest in stationeries after that incident.

Pandemic and Crafting

If you have been hanging around this website, you’d know I took this pandemic as a chance to learn new skills, revisit old ones, and gather enough strength to not go mental (LOL). That meant learning how to paint (take note, I never painted in my life pre-pandemic), revisit resin jewelry making (a skill learned in 2017), and play the ukulele (I never played any instrument before this year).

As if those were not enough to keep me busy, I also am dabbling into junk journaling or scrapbooking. Brochures and magazines from our mail box have piled up. I also have old magazines that I have not thrown away yet. The reason for keeping them up to now was that I used the photos inside for Ian’s homeschooling activities. I currently found a way to use the printed text and photos for my scrapbooking now as well. I’ve only been doing this for less than a month but it still surprises me that junk journaling can be so addictive and meditative. I made all these spreads just before bed time when I was too tired to paint or practice on my ukulele.

Below are just some of my recent works on my A6 vintage journal. I hope this article will inspire you to upcycle your old magazines and brochures to decorate your notebooks.

6 thoughts on “Junk Journaling – A New Found Love”

  1. That is awesome! Oh you have inspired me 😁, I want to make one now!!! I’ll dig out one of my blank art journals and see what I can come up with this week. It’s not going to be as creative as yours so don’t expect miracles 😂. Xxx


    1. I’m so glad this post inspired you to dig up your blank journals and try scrapbooking too. I find that whenever I do this, I remember my notes better so I’m actually thinking of using journaling for our homeschooling notes as well. 🙂 Cheers, mate! 🙂

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      1. I used to do scrapbooking about 17 years ago now, thanks to you I can use up all the supplies I’ve been holding on to! My hubby is going to be happy too 😁
        How are you guys doing over there?


      2. Haha, I know what you mean. I am quite a hoarder of art materials too. Things are bad right here because we have too many Delta variant cases. My sister has COVID and some of my friends have lost their loved ones to the disease. On the positive note, my kids and I are doing okay… How are you doing? Have you started your homeschooling?

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      3. I am so sorry to read that, I hope your sister makes a full recovery 🌹. I am glad you and your kids are doing okay though, all things considered. It’s a very tough and trying time for us all. We are doing okay as well, NSW delta cases are out of control, QLD is doing much better, but there is still an air of “gloom” surrounding us all. I’m not sure we will ever go back to life as we knew it pre-COVID times. Yes, we’ve been homeschooling for nearly 15 months now, small “school holiday” breaks whenever the mainstream kids have theirs. Went for a catch up with the local homeschooling group today actually, kids got to play, I got to see my bestie.
        If there is anything we can do from over here to help you guys, please let me know. Take care xx


      4. Thank you, BecJ. I’m sorry for the late reply, I’ve been swamped with work and studies these past days and just got online here. Indeed it’s a different world once we emerge from this pandemic. We are taking this time to hone new skills to help us through with this. Right now my kids are getting into music by studying ukulele with me. I’m sorry about the surge of cases over there in NSW. My sister is doing okay now, by the way. She had received assistance from local government unit at her place and from caring loved ones. Thank you so much. 🙂 Take care. xoxo

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