“Benta” means sell in Filipino so by adding “bles”, I fused a Filipino and English syllable to invent a term for “sellable”. The video and gallery below shows some of my handmade projects that I am currently selling at my Shopee store. As mentioned in this blog, the sale proceeds help fund and keep this website up and running. If you would like to support this website, do shop at my Shopee store. I currently ship in the Philippines only but I will surely explore for cheapest ways to ship outside of the country and will update this page when I find one. Thank you so much. 🙂

My Shopee store.

Resin Projects and Art Materials

The gallery below shows some of the resin jewelries, palettes, etc. I have created as well and art materials at my Shopee store.

The alphabet LED night lamps, crescent moon palette, as well as A6 journal with resin cover are available for made-to-order and thus, not posted in Shopee. Please comment below to order and I will e-mail you back. 🙂 Cheers! You may also send me a message via my Instagram. Watch my promotional videos below: