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Coping with Depression and Anxiety Through Music

When is this pandemic gonna be over?

I find myself asking that question over and over again and it adds to my anxiety every time I watch the news and see updates about how the virus is wreaking havoc worldwide. It doesn’t help that the effing virus keeps mutating and getting worse – becoming more virulent and contagious each time. It doesn’t help also that there’s Delta variant now that supposedly affects children.

Coping with Amber

One day my level of anxiety came to a point that I had to choose between going to a shrink or music. I asked friends for recommendation for psychologists who are available for teleconsultation and I was so surprised to get only two doctor names. Sadly, no one was available for consultation. Apparently, a lot of people are going through pandemic woes that psychologists are now fully booked!

So I decided to go the other way – find an instrument to learn to play. It was good timing too because my sons’ piano teacher had a student who was looking for someone to adopt his ukulele. I immediately said yes. As soon as we got the ukulele from the student, I then started asking around for someone to teach us and as fate would have it, one of my friends in my homeschooling community knows someone. I immediately contacted teacher Eric for ukulele lessons.

And that’s how I met teacher Eric and Amber, my second ukulele, a tenor, and currently the one I’m using. Teacher Eric suggested I get a second one so that my sons could join me in the lessons as sort of bonding session. He is a great teacher! The soprano ukulele we adopted is being used by my sons and all three of us are currently taking lessons virtually with teacher Eric.

Meet Amber

So here are photos I’ve taken of me and Amber. I have definitely fallen in love with my ukulele and now able to play about three songs with her. I will share videos soon! For now, meet my tenor Amber, named so because her color reminds me of fossil amber. 🙂

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