January 2020 Homeschooling Highlights

  1. Ian has started his lesson in multiplication while Nereus has continued with his lessons on different types of angles and polygons.
Writing down notes about different types of angles for his math lesson.

2. We created a simple rotor using copper wire, magnet, battery and safety pins as our experiment to demonstrate electricity flow for their Science experiment.

3. Nereus started his first business venture – handmade paracord bracelets that he plans to sell to his friends.

4. The kids also participated in Vision Board Making workshop organized by my personal coach, Martine, along with Unschooling kids and their parents.

5. Ian studied different land forms via Youtube video, reference books, and the puzzle he got from a friend as gift.

6. Ian studied adjectives and made a collage of photos where he labelled each with name and color adjectives.

Ian working on his collage for activity on adjectives.

7. For Filipino and History, they continued their lessons from where they left off on their respective reference books and Wikahon curriculum but I’d like to highlight that this month, they learned how to play “sungka” using the antique sungka we salvaged from a trash.

8. We made pastillas for Ian’s for Ian’s Wikahon topic in Filipino and Sibika; and for Nereus’ HELE although we aren’t consistent about taking up lessons in this subject.

9. Nereus continued his book study by reading Lola Basyang’s collection of short stories. The objective of this book study is for Nereus to enrich his Filipino vocabulary.

We’re using Lola Basyang’s story for Nereus’ book study.

10. Ian also reads children’s books written in Tagalog such as the ones we got from Tahanan Books and Wikahon Mini-A from Adarna to supplement his lessons in Filipino.

Ian, while reading a story about “Bakulaw”.

11. My kids have already started helping out with the chores. We have been schooling for months but it has taken me a while to convince them to help out in the house.

Ian waters the plants most mornings especially when his dad (our resident green thumb) forgets to water them when he leaves for work in a hurry. I don’t do this chore myself – I have killed too many of our plants!

12. The kids have also learned how to use “HazardHunterPH” which is a web-based GIS tool that helps users identify geologic hazards in their area. We’ve used this app to look at the hazard zones around Taal Volcano and to see distribution of earthquakes around the country, real-time.

13. The kids had their 3rd quarter exam this month and passed with flying colors. Yay!

Look at how messy the house gets when they’re reviewing for their exams! 🙂

14. My kids helped usher and organize my Geology Tour’s participants. 🙂

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