December Homeschooling Highlights

My kids and I only had two weeks of formal classes this month so this article will be short. The month was the most relaxed period of our homeschooling so far. We had a week where we had to do summative tests.   I did not expect that there would a series of tests again as… Continue reading December Homeschooling Highlights

Coping with Depression

My dad gave me a dollar and I felt rich

The one dollar bill my dad gave me. If you have been reading my posts, you’d know that my daddy passed away last April 28, sadly on my birth month too. It has been tough for us on coming to terms with the loss especially at this time of the year when families reunite for… Continue reading My dad gave me a dollar and I felt rich


Local Business Review: Thriftee

Local Online Store Review for Thriftee In selling, getting “buying” clients is half the battle. The other half is getting them to buy from you again. One of the things I learned from Simon Sinek’s podcasts is humanising business by treating your online clients as “humans” rather than name and numbers that translate to money… Continue reading Local Business Review: Thriftee


November Homeschooling Highlights

As you all know, I post my kids' homeschooling highlights here as part of building their portfolio, so I would remember what we did during their first year in this journey. I have been so inspired by this month by my mentor, Martine De Luna, that I'm actually considering unschooling my kids for next year.… Continue reading November Homeschooling Highlights