Local Business Review: Thriftee

Local Online Store Review for Thriftee

In selling, getting “buying” clients is half the battle. The other half is getting them to buy from you again. One of the things I learned from Simon Sinek’s podcasts is humanising business by treating your online clients as “humans” rather than name and numbers that translate to money – as key to keeping the business up and running. It has become a default for some to dehumanise their business that are mostly done online. One example of this is getting an automatic reply from a business page and not getting a response pertaining to your query for days. Don’t do that. You need to build a connection with your clients by responding right away; asking for his or her feedback about a product; sending a simple “thank you” note; doing something extra like a gift box even when you were not asked to. There are so many ways to make your clients happy!

Such was the case with my recent purchase from Thriftee, a business on Facebook that sells these handmade bows and the items I ordered came with this chic gift box at no added cost. It does not take rocket science to know what a client might want. You only need to talk to them or be intuitive. This cute box has even inspired me to write this business tip of the day! Don’t be just an ordinary store operator that scan your client’s purchase and put inside brown bags without even saying a “thank you”.

Thank you, Thriftee, for this extra effort with the box and for inspiring me to do the same for my clients. I love the bows and I love how you guessed (by my choice of bows, I reckon) how I like them chic and cute. I’ll definitely upcycle/reuse the box and ribbons and buy from you again. 😉

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