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Art and Science Class 2: What are Fossils and How to Paint an Ammonite Fossil in Watercolors

Hello! 🙂 This is just a short blog to let everyone know that things are okay from my end. I have just been busy with my academic life as an MS student as well as a teaching associate. As you know, I didn’t stop homeschooling my youngest son despite the demands of academia. On some weekends I teach him how to paint using gouache and watercolors but he does have a strong liking to watercolors. Teaching an art and science class is just a normal routine for us. One day I decided to include other homeschooling families so that kids can interact with another while doing one activity, albeit virtually. The first Art and Science class I hosted last month was about basic volcanology for kids which I conducted by giving them a virtual tour of Mayon Volcano. After that class, we painted the volcano using gouache/poster paints. Because that class was a huge hit, I decided to host another one, this time, about fossils.

Me and my tiny art studio
Prior to the class I made my own makeshift studio using my rolling clothes rack. I have seen complex set-ups for photoshoot of well-known artists but they cost a lot! I decided to DIY one instead.

I am happy to say that second Art and Science class on fossils was also a success! My colleague at NIGS, teacher Clarence, taught the kids about basic principles on fossils and why they are important in understanding the history of our planet. After that, we had a Q&A session with our participants. So many questions asked after the lesson on fossils! I’m glad that everyone in the class actively participated.

After the lesson, I played a pre-recorded video process/demo on how I painted an ammonite fossil from my collection (photos below) for the kids to paint along using their own set of watercolors and brushes. It was nice to see their artworks! They had different styles of painting the subject and I’m glad to see that I didn’t see a single one that resembled mine. I just wanted them to paint the subject their own way so that they can make the artwork truly their own.

This is my own interpretation of an ammonite fossil using watercolors on Baohong 100% cotton paper.

Here are just some of the artworks sent to me by my students. I will update this slideshow as soon as more submissions come in. 🙂

If you would also like to watch our class recording or go straight to the painting process, do watch the videos from our YouTube channel below:

A. Full class recording which includes the lesson about fossils by Clarence, the Q&A, and the painting session.

B. The video below is the pre-recorded painting process for the ammonite fossil with background music but without voice instructions. Watch this if you want to just paint along.

Interested to get started painting but you don’t have art materials yet? I have just signed up for an affiliate program with Amazon to help me fund this website with my earnings from the program. Please take note that by buying through the links below, I get a little commission. Here are some of my favorite art materials that can be bought via Amazon:

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Princeton Velvetouch Watercolor Brush Set

I love this set because these brushes can be used with watercolors, oil, and acrylic which you all know are the media that I paint with. Get the set here:

For watercolor paper, I do believe, Arches is the best out there, although I only use it for commissioned work. Here’s my affiliate link for Arches paper set. Again, purchase is not required, but by buying through the affiliate link below, I get a little commission of your purchase which will help fund this website.


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