Art and Science Class for Homeschoolers

Aside from the usual DepEd curriculum, homeschoolers also get taught life skills by their own parents or other parents within homeschooling communities. If there is one thing I love about being part of homeschooling groups is that most of the parents are quite helpful and willing to lend a hand to make learning more experiential.

This month I decided to give back to homeschooling community by offering classes again after months of hiatus from giving Geology Tours because of the pandemic. While it is possible to conduct NIGS Museum tour again, I just don’t have enough time nowadays to organize another one. Those who’ve been to my tours have been asking me to organize tours again. Thus, to make geology accessible to kids once more, I decided to offer a hybrid virtual class that combines two things I love so much – art and earth science.

free homeschooling art and science class about volcanoes
Event poster for my first ever science and art class.

Last October 2 in my class, my students, mostly kids aged 6-10 years old, got to join me in a virtual tour of Mayon Volcano using the ArcGIS Story I made last year – Virtual Tour of Mayon Volcano. The kids learned how volcanoes form and why they are essential part of earth’s process in forming landforms. After the science class, we painted Mayon using poster colors and gouache paints. The kids asked plenty of questions! I wouldn’t be surprised if I had somehow recruited future geologists among my students that day. (Haha!) Below are just some of the photos of my students’ interpretation of Mayon Volcano using gouache, poster paints, and acrylic (I’m so proud!):

If you and/or child would like to paint along, here’s the recording of our painting class uploaded in our YouTube channel:

This is my son, Ian, holding up this own painting using watercolors because he loves working with this medium over poster or gouache (attaboy!):

Mayon Volcano by Chabibi
My little boy joined the class too!

But wait, there’s more. The class was a success that I have decided to offer one again. This time the topic will be about fossils! If you would like to join, feel free to register by scanning the QR code in the event poster below as this class is strictly for registered participants only:

free homeschooling class

Did I mention that the class is free? Hope to see you there!

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