Free homeschooling class: learn about fossils and paint a nautilus fossil using watercolors

Hello everyone. How are you doing? This is just a short blog to promote my upcoming free art and science class – the topic this time is fossils! Who likes fossils? I totally do. One of the things I dreamed about while in college taking up my bachelor’s degree in Geology was to someday go to an outcrop and encounter fossils in rocks. I can still vividly remember the day I first encountered one while mapping out fine-grained limestone rocks. One of my rock samples split into two to reveal fossil leaf. Sadly, I no longer have a copy of the picture I took of that fossil.

The Mayon Virtual Tour and painting session, which was my first art and science class ever, was such a hit that I decided to conduct another one. For my upcoming (and second) art and science class, I have invited a fossil-enthusiast from my laboratory in NIGS, the Nannoworks Laboratory, to teach homeschooling kids about fossils and why studying them can help us understand the evolution of the earth. After the science lesson, I will show the kids a few fossils from my collection and we will paint a nautilus fossil using watercolors. The class is open to kids, 6-12 years old.

To sign up for this free class, see my event poster below and register by scanning the QR code to bring you to the sign-up form. The list of materials is included in the Google Form but all participants will be getting a complete list and more details about the class via email, 2-3 days before the event. πŸ™‚

free class on fossils

For this class please prepare the following materials:

  • 1. watercolor set
  • 2. round brushes for watercolor size 6 and 2
  • 3. watercolor paper
  • 4. clean jar of water
  • 5. clean rag or paper towel
  • 6. mixing palette
  • 7. drawing pencil
  • 8. eraser
  • 9. gadget for the Zoom
  • 10. white gel pen or white poster color

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