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Recycle your magnet cards into bookmarks


I admit, I’m guilty of having thrown away so many things that could have been reused/upcycled/recycled before. I still do and I feel guilty because trash goes to oceans eventually and kill so many awesome marine life. So since last month I’ve have been challenging myself every week on reusing/upcycling some of my trash.

This week’s project is turning defaced magnet cards into bookmarks. These magnet cards used to contain words that my son Gugu used to match with pictures in a book. That book has been gone for a long time yet my son had managed to keep the magnet cards in his toy bin.

What I did was cut each card into two and glue both onto a picture I cut out from last year’s calendar leaving a small space between each halve.


After the glue has dried up, I cut the excess paper along the edges. You can also use washi tapes, stickers or old fabric for this project. Really the material to use is up to you!


For this bookmark, I used washi tape to frame the glossy picture of a woman I got from our old calendar.


The space between the magnet cards is where to fold along when using as bookmark. You only need to clip it on the page you want to mark.


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