Designing Jewelry

Aquatica Necklace

The freedom to combine colors and materials is what’s best about art! I made this freestyle necklace by combining shells I picked up years ago from a beach in Mindanao, turquoise gemstone, paper beads, brass wire, mother of pearl, citrine gemstone, vintage metal charms and freshwater pearl. I used brass 1.0 mm hard wire I got from U.S. for the choker necklace. I wanna call this necklace, Aquatica, for the color of the components and because of the shells (we geologists call them mollusks).  I love how this piece can be a conversation piece. If I see someone wearing this, I’d instantly like her. Why? I’d have the impression that the wearer loves the sea and possibly a nonconformist, pretty much like me.

This necklace may be worn by simply hanging one of the chains around left side hook so in a way, it’s also adjustable.

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Aquatica Necklace by Grass

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