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Why handmade products make great gifts

What constitutes a great gift? Every gift should come from the heart.  But what does make a great gift is one that's unique - something that you won't find anywhere else like que horror, Divisoria (not that I have anything against Divi, I shop there too albeit rarely!). Here's a list of reasons why handmade products rock:… Continue reading Why handmade products make great gifts

Designing Jewelry

Aquatica Necklace

The freedom to combine colors and materials is what's best about art! I made this freestyle necklace by combining shells I picked up years ago from a beach in Mindanao, turquoise gemstone, paper beads, brass wire, mother of pearl, citrine gemstone, vintage metal charms and freshwater pearl. I used brass 1.0 mm hard wire I… Continue reading Aquatica Necklace

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Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

Wire wrapping is one of my favorite techniques in making jewelry. Two of my friends had recently commissioned me to design and create necklaces and bracelets out of the tumblestones they got from their recent travels. The project was actually for Christmas but since I had no yaya for my kids during the Christmas break… Continue reading Wire Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

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Rikki’s Necklace

                      Creating jewelry for a bride is probably the most difficult one to undertake for newbies in jewelry designing like me.  It's not easy simply because one would need to create something that will match the bride's personality; something elegant that won't compete with the… Continue reading Rikki’s Necklace