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Why handmade products make great gifts

What constitutes a great gift?
Every gift should come from the heart.  But what does make a great gift is one that’s unique – something that you won’t find anywhere else like que horror, Divisoria (not that I have anything against Divi, I shop there too albeit rarely!).
Here’s a list of reasons why handmade products rock:
1. Handmade products are carefully crafted, most even lovingly created. We artists treat each piece like our own child.  Thus, sometimes it is also sad when a piece gets sold, imagine letting go of a child? This is also the main reason why handmade products usually cost more in the market.
2. You can have your gift customized according to your friend’s personality.  Take the photo below for example. If your friend loves marsala red and likes flowers a lot, a marsala and gold necklace, pillow gift box with flower accent and a greeting card seem like a perfect find, yeah? (Shameless plug here: you can buy all three at my shop!)
 3. Handmade products were usually tested by the artist for durability. I personally test each jewelry I make and if I’m not satisfied with one, I fix it. I’ve thrown out a few too! Before I posted these keychains on my page, I made sure that not one element in each keychain has loose loops – to make sure that not a bead would go missing or worse puncture a person’s skin when reaching out for it in a pocket.
4.  Designing a product  takes a while because there are things that are considered during the design – wearability, comfort, fashion trends and materials. Of course not all products are designed prior to creation. The two necklaces below that I recently created were assembled without design sketches. I just played with colors and beads.

 5.  An artist’s name is on the line with each creation.  If clients are not satisfied with her products especially now that anyone has access to social media, she is doomed. That’s why most artists are careful when assembling or promoting their products.
So next time you meet an artist, pat her in the back. Most of them are doing their craft out of passion. Money only comes second. Because only art can make them happy! 🙂

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