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Rikki’s Necklace

I was honored to make these necklace and earrings set for a friend who got married mid last year. :)
I was honored to make this necklace and earrings set for a friend who got married mid last year. 🙂

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Creating jewelry for a bride is probably the most difficult one to undertake for newbies in jewelry designing like me.  It’s not easy simply because one would need to create something that will match the bride’s personality; something elegant that won’t compete with the bride’s make-up and gown; a jewelry that will make the bride look at her most beautiful on her special day.

When Rikki asked me to design her necklace, I had mixed feelings. I was honored because she had chosen to trust me to design her necklace.  I was also a bit apprehensive especially when she told me that her motif was gonna be yellow and black.  If you’ve seen my work (; you’ll know that I’m the type who work with colorful, vibrant and summer/warm colors. I seldom make subdued ones because these are tricky to make, I find.

Having known Rikki for a long time prolly helped make designing her necklace a tad easier.

And so the work began.

Beadwoven seed beads and crystals in black, old rose pink and yellows. :)
Beadwoven seed beads and crystals in black, old rose pink and yellows. 🙂

Beadweaving is the most difficult technique in creating accessories. Unless you’re an expert or someone who’s been beadweaving for years, you’ll need patterns that are sometimes available online for free or from books/magazines such as “Bead and Button” which I only get at Booksale.  Mastering this technique takes a lot of patience, practice and pain (LOL) for when you accidentally prick yourself with the needle (happened to me a lot!). I copied this pattern from a book but adjusted for the bead color, size and shapes; and the type of clasp and string to use. I was surprised that the outcome came out totally different from the pattern in the book. Instead of a scalloped center, I ended up making a scalloped collar type of necklace. I also paired it with earrings to complete the look.

And the day came when Rikki walked the aisle wearing my work. I could not have been prouder of myself then especially when I overheard some of her guests complimenting her necklace on how pretty it was or how pretty she looked wearing that necklace. Now I know the happiness that most artists feel when their work is appreciated.

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