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Been Busy Crafting: My Latest Upcycling Projects

Hello my dear readerships. I know it has been a while since I updated this blog but I have been busy doing what I love best especially in this pandemic – I have been crafting!

With the staggering rise in the number of COVID cases in the country especially in the major cities of the Philippines, majority of NCR were put under quarantine again. This means a lot of outdoor activities and gatherings are not allowed.

To help me get through this, I have made myself busy by assembling jewelries out of my bead stash. I have also decided to go back to creating resin jewelries, a skill I learned about three years ago. Here are just some of the works I’ve made since I last wrote a blog here:

Boat Pendant Necklace Using Plastic Ring

Plastic rings don’t need to end up in oceans. In this project, I added a magic tape under one side and added flowers plus UV resin. I then drilled holes on both sides and strung beads and chain with lobster lock to create this necklace. Photos and video link to the demo below:

resin pendant using plastic ring

Paper Beads Earrings

I hate wasting resources. I know for a fact also that watercolor papers can be expensive especially the ones that are 100% cold pressed cottons. Since I learned how to paint using watercolor last year, I’ve accumulated practice pieces on my table, more than I can deal with, to be honest. So one day, I had a sudden inspiration to turn them into pillow paper beads. I then made these Bohemian chic drop earrings (photos below). In case you want to buy them, I have already uploaded them in my Shopee store.

You can purchase these earrings here:

Watercolor Earrings

One thing that I also got busy with was finding out if it was possible to immortalize my watercolor practice pieces into jewelry. While I do keep some of them in their pristine states to monitor my progress, I do have a few that I want to convert into something usable. For the projects below, I used UV resin and paper glaze to cover my paintings as well as for waterproofing. 🙂

In case you are interested to buy these pieces, they are available for purchase at my Shopee store, product link:

Tassel Jewelries

Who loves tassels? Count me in. Tassels will always make a bold statement of freedom and carefreeness (if that is even a word). It’s prolly this kind of statement that makes it a permanent element in Bohemian chic type of jewelries. For some of these photos, I used my son’s painting as backdrop. Cute, eh? Some of these pieces got sold pretty fast on my Shopee store that I might do another batch soon, but this time matching earrings for mommy and daughter, per my customers’ request.

Resin Projects

What I love about resin is that there can be numerous possibilities when it’s used in jewelry making. I made the abstract face necklace pendant by forming the face using a gold-plated wire and taping it down on a magic tape. I then added layers of resin and dry pigment to created an abstract play of color. I also added a tiny sprig of flowers on one side. Do you see the tiny mixing palette below too? This one is so cute, it got sold right away. But I am creating more of these since a lot of artist friends requested for them.

Another thing about resin that I love is that it makes it possible for me to upcycle plastic rings that would otherwise end up in our ocean. For the plastic rings pendants below, I used plastic rings that used to seal my essential oils bottles. I have accumulated quite a number of these and have not thrown them away because I simply don’t want them to end up in our ocean. So I am working on some of these for my future earring projects.

For the last image, I made another version of tiny artist palettes using resin and blue pigments plus yellow flowers. I then wrapped beach glass fragments with gold-plated wire and paired with these palettes to make this pair of drop earrings. All the items below except for the unfinished plastic ring pendants are also available for purchase in my Shopee store. 🙂

Finally, I am coming up with tiny color palettes that is pocket-size for my fellow watercolor artists out of resin. I’m thinking of selling them as well in Shopee for those who would like to eventually paint on plein air and carry their color palettes in their pockets. I also plan to sell some of these with artist grade paints for those who want to try the paints but can’t afford to buy the tubes yet. More about this project later, I’ll keep you all posted.

For now, keep safe by staying at home or social distancing while outside. Let’s pray that this pandemic is over soon. Stay healthy!



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