Homeschooling Highlights for February 2021

Ian’s First Week

  1. Ian played games for vocabulary, spelling, and sentence construction using the website recommended by a friend: If you would like your young children to practice the lessons he or she has learned so far in English, this website offers simple games for quizzes and exercises. Here are other websites that I have recommended to homeschoooling families previously.
  2. For Math, Ian did an exercise for mental subtraction using his book, Math Mammoth. Towards the end of the week, Ian reviewed basic shapes in preparation to basic geometry lessons.
  3. Ian learned about “Panghalip Pamatlig” (demonstrative pronoun) and “Panghalip Pananong” (interrogative pronoun) for Filipino.
  4. Ian along with Nereus made a photo collage of what they are looking forward to do this year using a huge illustration board and photos from different travel pamphlets and magazines. Their collage (gallery below) shows the places they want to visit and they wish for a car. πŸ™‚
  5. For Art Day, we unboxed our Tokyo Finds My First Origami Kit (video below) to make origami animals. The kids weren’t in the mood to paint so we chose to do origami for our Art Day Friday.
  6. For Science, we opted to watched videos related to their previous lessons from The Good and The Beautiful’s collection and didn’t do much worksheets as all of us have gotten sick and decided to take it easy.
  7. For Ian’s Sibika (Social Studies), he made a collage of “Mga Manggagawa” (workers) to identify various occupations of people in the society (photo below).
Mga Mangagawa by Ian.
Unboxing Tokyo My First Origami kit for our Art Day Friday.

Nereus’ First Week

  1. Nereus reviewed lessons on how to multiply decimals using exercises at Khan Academy.
  2. For English, we continued our lessons on writing essays and short stories by having him write about his dreams, “How I Find My Dreams Fascinating”. We started with a three-part outline that he can follow.
  3. As part of this month’s HELE, Nereus and Ian learned the basics of perfume blending via SkillShare and we also got to practice what we learned using our stash of bottles and essential oils. We also made a video of our perfume blending (video below) for our YouTube channel.
  4. Nereus also wrote an essay on “The Impacts of the American Occupation to the Filipinos” as part of his writing practice and review of previous lessons on the subject.
  5. For Filipino, he read a story about Apolinario Mabini and answered a few questions using our Wikahon-B.
  6. Both Ian and Nereus did an indoor exercise using Keoni Tamayo’s Happy Dance routine. If you read my previous blog about indoor exercise, Keoni Tamayo’s channel is one of our favorite channels for fitness in Youtube.
  7. Nereus helped and taught Ian how to make origami animals using our Tokyo Finds My First Origami Kit (video above).
  8. For Filipino, Nereus reviewed lessons provided by Peniel, our homeschool provider, on “parirala” (phrase) and “pang-ukol” (prepositions). He also answered worksheets relating to these topics.
Ian and Nereus learned how to blend perfumes using our stash of essential oils. We also upcycled bottles for this project.

Week 2 for Ian and Nereus

We decided to slow down this week because they kids will have their third quarter exam on the third week. So I’ve given each the list of topics that the exams will center around and they are to review each at their own pace. We have not skipped indoor PE, piano lesson, and art day Friday as these are simply fun for all of us.

For science, Ian has started his lesson on describing matter by its color, size, texture, etc. He also continued his basic geometry lessons on his Math Mammoth book. For the rest of the subjects, we used Epic app to review lessons in Science, English, and Math; for Filipino and Sibika, he used his reference books. Ian is also happy that his purple shamrock plant has bloomed (photo below):

Ian, proudly showing off his purple shamrock that has recently bloomed.

We also have recently acquired a toy microscope that can really magnify objects in glass slides, bought for me by a friend from the middle east. I then bought 48 slides from Shopee. The microscope and slides kept them busy for hours!

For Nereus’ HELE, they both made lotion bars under my guidance, following the recipe I have posted about in this previous post about DIYs. As also mentioned in our January Homeschooling Highlights, we are now focused on practicing Nereus’ writing skills. This week, I challenged him to write two Haiku poems following the required 17 syllables as traditionally done by the Japanese; in 5-7-5 count per line. He also wrote a short story about his favorite moments in life. All these were printed and included in his printed portfolio.

Nereus’ haiku.

Below is the video of Nereus and Ian making the lotion bars:

Ian and Nereus practiced their piano pieces as well as sketch Valentine’s Day doodles using watercolor tutorials: Valentine’s Day Lollipops by Nianiani and Cute Valentine’s Day Paintings by Jenna Rainey.

For Art Day Friday this week, Ian and Nereus painted Valentine’s Day doodles using watercolor.

Week 3 for Ian and Nereus

This week is exam week. It’s not always happy during exam week so I let them finish their exams at their own pace and get distracted by toys and books once in a while. We had one breath of fresh air though. On the morning of 14th, there was a door bell and was surprised to see a neighbor deliver a bouquet of flowers, addressed to me. It was from my husband! So all three of us took a turn to take a photo with the bouquet. We all felt like stars. Haha!

Week 4 for Ian and Nereus

I have finished checking their exams, they passed with flying colors so that makes me happy. I also let them rest by not doing anything much academically this week. I did discuss their exam results and where they got things wrong, and which parts they did a great job in. Phew! I’m just glad exam was over for all of us.

We didn’t miss Art Day Friday though coz it’s our favorite day of the week. Here are their art works for 3rd week and 4th week, as well as photos of their online piano class with their music teacher:

May be an illustration of 1 person, child and tree
Week 3 Art: Nereus and Ian painted the blue French door by Paul Clark. Well, I taught them how to paint it after having learned it from Paul Clark through his Youtube channel. I am happy with how their paintings turned out!
This is my version of the blue French door. πŸ™‚

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