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My Four Favorite Fitness Channels on YouTube for Indoor Workouts

I think most of us, if not all, will agree that the year 2020 was a disaster. The pandemic has turned the malls into ghost towns, resulted to cancelled travel plans, millions of deaths globally, and job losses. I would be lying if I say that the community quarantines did not take a toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. There were nights when I couldn’t sleep at all. And I experienced both extremes concerning my diet, when I would be either too depressed to eat or binged eat like a prisoner about to be executed the next day.

One fine day in September last year, I took my weight and was so shocked to find that I have gained so much, I broke my personal record. It was my highest weight gain yet! Not surprisingly, this has taken a shot at my self-esteem especially since some of my clothes don’t fit anymore. I took a photo of me, whole body, from all sides and sure enough, I could see where I needed to trim down.

In this blog post, I’m going to share my favorite Youtube channels for fitness that I have tried so far. I have done the workouts from these channels which made me lose weight from 166 lbs to 152 lbs last year (last quarter). I have not followed any criteria for choosing them except that the workouts are fun and so far, have been effective for weight loss.

Please do take note that if you have special condition, some of the workouts in these channels may not be suitable for you. You have to check and discuss with your doctor prior to doing any exercise at all. Despite my weight, I’m an energetic young adult (no health issues) who had done bellydancing, hiking, running, yoga, taekwondo, karate and boxing in the past thus, doing heavy workouts is nothing new to my body. If you have stopped being active a while like me though, I suggest you do something light in the beginning and progress to more difficult workouts as you see fit. Listen to your body!

My Favorite Fitness Channels

Reps to the Rhythm by Keoni Tamayo

Who loves cats? If you do, Keoni’s videos might be the most fun workouts out there simply because he walks and dances while his cats play around him. It’s not only because of the cats that I love his videos though. His dance and walk routines are fun and quite easy to follow. What I also love about Keoni is that he doesn’t talk at all during the exercise, and does non-verbal cues when transitioning from one move to next. If you are a beginner or new to limbering up, Keoni’s videos are worth a try. All his workouts are low impact and displays estimates of the number of steps, in case, you’re counting them each day.

If you are into high intensity workouts, his routines may be too easy for you. Even so, I would recommend his workouts for warm-ups, or when you are in the mood to do light workout for the day. For high intensity interval workouts, the next channel (Fitness Blender) below might be the one for you.

These are my favorite workouts by Keoni on days when I just want to do light and fun activities:

3400 steps in 30 minutes for this workout, not bad, really!
My kids love this routine for their indoor workout. 🙂

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender (FB) has been around a while. I remember doing routines by FB as far back as 2016 and they’ve posted earlier videos way before then. Now before you check out their channel, you must know that most of their workouts are not for the faint-hearted. But if you’re a rebel and want a challenge, why not?

If you’re the type who likes variation in workouts or into high intensity ones, FB has plenty of routines to explore and do. When I was actively doing FB workouts back in the day, I would often end up super exhausted and sweaty. They have so many videos posted that it can get overwhelming just choosing which one/s to do for the day. You might wanna browse a bit and find ones suited for your fitness level.

They do have routines that are low impact. They also have high intensity interval (HIIT) ones that I swear, are hard to do! In short, the channel has both polar extremes for fitness workouts. The couple who owns the channel, Kelly and Daniel, have been fitness coaches a while and thus, posts ones that are advanced. But like I said, you can be a rebel and try their advanced workouts if you want to, it’s your body, you know it better. Here are just some of the workouts I’ve tried and loved:

Don’t forget leg day, everyone!
I almost died when I did this routine. Haha!
This will help you achieve killer abs!

Lucy Wyndham-Read

I love Lucy Wyndham’s workouts! She has plenty of videos that target different people – she has ones for post-pregnancy, for those looking for HIIT, and short high intensity workouts for busy individuals. Her workouts, like Fitness Blenders, are targeted. If you want to strengthen your core, she has a series for that. If you want whole body workouts, you can easily search in her channel for them. I also love her walking workouts for days when I am too lazy or tired. Below are just three of my favorites (like FB, she has tons!):

This is my favorite routine of Lucy.

Yoga by Leigha Butler

My yoga instructor last year recommended this one to me for practice for the meantime that I can’t go to her studio due to this pandemic. Leigha is my go-to channel for when I want to do yoga for one hour. While most people prolly prefer doing yoga after workout, I prefer doing it on a separate day because sessions with my yogi mentor usually go for two hours so I got used to doing it for one hour, at least. I just felt that doing less than one hour is not enough. Here’s a one-hour yoga of Leigha that I absolutely love.

Young Living’s Jumpstart Program

I do follow other channels for fitness routines on YouTube but these four are simply my favorites. I am also currently part of Young Living Jumpstart Program – a fitness program designed by Young Living in partnership with Fitness First. In the said program, teams were formed by members and each were assigned a fitness coach from Fitness First to achieve their fitness goals for a month. As part of this program, I am required to attend the exercise sessions with our coach and monitor my body in terms of weight loss/gain, fitness levels (measured by number of burpees, etc.), as well as join a townhall boxing session every Friday where all teams convene. All these are done virtually via Zoom. Winning team’s members will get a chance to win fitness equipment, either a treadmill or a spin bike. Wish me luck!

Virtual workout with my team. (Credit to my team mate, Mae and Dennis).

Virtual workout with my team. (Credit to my team mate, Mae and Dennis).

If you would like to be part of Young Living, do join my team, Oilista Manila, and purchase YL’s premium starter kit (essential oils + diffuser + more) by clicking the link below:

I conduct free classes for my team every month to educate them about aromatherapy as well as support their natural wellness journey. Shoot me a message if you have questions about Young Living or follow my Instagram account for Aromatherapy and oily tips. 🙂

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