Homeschooling Highlights for March 2021

Ian's First Week As part of geometry lesson, Ian made solids using patterns we printed. We assembled a cone, a cube, and a pyramid. He then learned about the concept of angles, parallel and perpendicular lines relative to these solids. For English, Ian learned how to use "will" and "shall".Ian learned about civic organizations/NGOs who… Continue reading Homeschooling Highlights for March 2021

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Been Busy Crafting: My Latest Upcycling Projects

Hello my dear readerships. I know it has been a while since I updated this blog but I have been busy doing what I love best especially in this pandemic - I have been crafting! With the staggering rise in the number of COVID cases in the country especially in the major cities of the… Continue reading Been Busy Crafting: My Latest Upcycling Projects