Jewelry Design

Of paper beads, gift cards and dreams

When I was about five years old, my mom would bring me to this gift shoppe where an aunt of mine used to be its attendant. The shop was just across the public market where we shopped for groceries. I loved that gift shoppe because it sold so many cute items I wanted for myself.  But since I could not afford most items from that boutique, and mom trained me not to ask for money too much, I remember each time I leave the store of dreaming that someday I’m gonna own a gift boutique similar to it.
My dream didn’t exactly happen in ways I had imagined it.  I never imagined there would be Internet one day, for a start! But what I do have now is a LOT better!  This online shop is a dream come true. I may not have the physical store that I aspired for but having an online shop where I sell my creations (and other stuff!) is something I can do without retiring early from my first love – which is doing Science.  With my online shop, I am able to practice my profession and still have time to maintain my store. If I had a physical store, things will be a lot different and harder.
But I digress. So far, I have been selling things I’ve created using beads.  I was going through some stuff on the internet, something about what to give away for birthdays when I came across this website:
And bingo, I realized I should add a gift wrapping service in Island Chic Boutique!  I prolly need to contact my sister who loves sketching. Also, I’ve downloaded free templates from this website for pillow gift boxes and bag.  Will post photos once I’ve gotten hold of some tools and perfected the boxes.
I’ve also returned to making more paper beads since I’ve recently acquired a heat gun and embossing ink pad. I’m still waiting for my embossing powder which is on its way from U.S.  With embossing powder, I expect to make paper beads with better glassy finish which is kind of hard to achieve with just diamond glaze.
Photo 1: Darice Heat Tool
 Photo 2: Embossing Stamp Pad
Photo 3: First batch of earrings made using used gift wrapper and diamond glaze. They are selling now under at at PhP 60 per pair. 🙂 Click the photo to bring you to the Earrings page.
Happy shopping, lovelies! More information on gift cards will be posted later.

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