Bazaar at Sofia Bellevue

Bazaars are fun! It’s during bazaars that I get to interact with people from all walks of life; fellow entrepreneurs, clients, families, fashionistas. 🙂 It is the usually during bazaars too when I get to sell my handmade crafts to them in person as I mostly sell them online.  It is also heartwarming when clients appreciate my products, buy, and keep coming back!

Just sharing some of today’s bazaar snap shots:


My handmade earrings on display.


This necklace is on sale at Php 50 only!


This pre-loved (not abused)Tommy Hilfiger summer dress is selling at 150 only. I’m selling this for a friend.


These Dior-inspired double stud earrings are our bestseller! 🙂

I got to sell my pre-loved shoes, tops, dresses, old toys and my sons’ outgrown clothes. They sold so fast, I had no time to take photos.


The Fabulous Scientist

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