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The Fabulous Scientist is Back!

Hey, everyone. My apologies if it took me some time to visit and write on here. It’s been a busy month with all the portfolio preparations and back-to-back watercolor painting classes that I have committed to do for our homeschooling community. I also had to deal with depression related to this pandemic in between. It’s been tough, I have to be honest. I have found myself, quite a number of times, staring at my blank word document with no idea how to express myself in words.

So I decided, I will just express myself in my paintings. I know a lot of people are going through the same crisis as I do, we are after all in the same storm. I guess it is comforting to know that one is not alone in this battle with this virus. I’ve seen people in my country help out our countrymen by setting up community pantries where those who are in need can just grab anything in the pantry for free. Those who have plenty can donate goods or money into the community pantry. The idea of Community Pantry has become such a hit, the idea spread throughout the country with more than hundreds of families setting up their own to also help out their neighbors. It was quite heartwarming to see people line up to get only what they need out of consideration for others who are in queue. My family personally experienced this when we set up a community pantry of our own to help our neighbors in Cavite. We also had people come in to exchange their farm/backyard garden produce for canned goods and rice from our pantry. Our countrymen needed help and help came from their own people. Community Pantry is thus, the very essence of “bayanihan” which Filipinos are known for.

In the spirit of “bayanihan” which Community Pantry truly exhibits, I recently joined a painting class with JC Vargas, a local artist, where we painted the subject in watercolor. We based this painting from what we have seen on the news on where it started which is in Maginhawa street, UP Village, Quezon City.

Painted this community pantry through JC Vargas’ class from where it started, Maginhawa, Quezon City.

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’d know that the painting style on this one is totally different from the illustrations I’ve done so far. I learned something new in the class about loose painting and letting watercolors flow, letting the painting paint itself, as Paul Clark would say it.

I have also been busy creating resin jewelries, bookmarks, phone pop sockets, and hair clips to augment my income and keep this website running. For those who don’t know, I learned how to make them in 2017 but stopped doing it for a year. This year I decided to go back to this craft after the materials I need for making them are now locally available. I used to have a hard time getting resin materials as these could only be sourced from US before. If you are interested to buy them (and you’re in Philippines), these can be grabbed from my Shopee store.

Thank you for reading this far my dear readerships. I’ll do my best to update this site regularly now. Stay safe and healthy!



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