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When This Pandemic is Over

Have you listed down the things you will be doing once this pandemic is over? I have. I am usually an optimistic person. I know someday soon, this pandemic will be over, and things will go back to normal for everyone. Everyone will be stronger, wiser, and survivors.

Before I go over my list, I want to say also that though I have planned activities after I left my full time corporate job, the pandemic has in so many ways shifted or changed them for the better. Let me expound.

Prior to this pandemic, it never entered my mind that I would become a watercolor artist let alone fall deeply in love with the art. I’m a scientist since birth (ok, an exaggeration) who used to believe that art is for people whose ancestors and parents have been artists themselves.

Back when I was a university student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Geology, only the rich kids could afford digital camera and there were so few of them in our batch. So what we did during fieldworks were to draw rock outcrops and write our observations in our field notebooks while also lugging around heavy equipment, GPS, Brunton compass and rock pick and carrying big ass backpacks. Kids are so lucky these days because they can locate themselves and do all the other stuff with just one gadget – their phone. Okay, maybe not the rock picking bit. Anyway, the reason I mentioned this is that there was one time when my basic sedimentary rock petrology told me that my illustration of the outcrop at the time was the best he had seen. It was the only time that someone ever said anything good about my sketches, not that I did a lot of sketching (outside of Geology) back then.

What I am saying is (as if you don’t get it) is that art was definitely at the bottom of the list of what I wanted to be doing back then. But with the pandemic still going on around us, art has moved to the top of my list that I now enjoy doing. Painting with watercolor (and sometimes with gouache) has saved me from going loopy from all the emotional turmoil and stresses this pandemic has brought on. Huh. Who knew I’d be going from science to art in just one year? Don’t get me wrong though. I renewed my Geology license last year because I still want to work professionally, albeit, freelance, and go on fieldworks. My profession has allowed me to go on nature trips, travel around, for free. Nature trips and adventures are the two other things I love doing with my family. Before I digress, let’s now go to my list. There’s only five items in it FOR NOW.

My List

  1. Paint En Plein Air

Okay that may seem like a poor attempt at speaking in French but “en plein air” is how artists call “outdoor painting”. Since our family loves the outdoors, I will certainly add painting en plein air to our nature walks for sure. Taking photos and posting them on social media is so 2019. Haha!

My favorite subjects to paint so far are seascapes, trees, food, landscapes, and portraits.

Photo by Jadson Thomas on

2. Go on Geologic Field Works (Hopefully)

Before the pandemic hit everyone, I was gonna do freelance consultancy works. The community quarantines prevented me from traveling beyond the cities. The travel requirements have also been restrictive, hence, the projects I was supposed to be part in, have also been put on hold. In addition, I could not leave my kids behind since they are both minors. When the pandemic is over, hopefully, the projects will resume and I’d be able to bring my kids to the field with me. Backup plan is to continue to conduct Geology Tours and teach kids about geologic hazards to help families prepare for them.

And of course, in between fieldworks, I plan to do outdoor painting as well. I can’t just leave beautiful views unpainted. *winks*

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

3. Visit My Folks as Often as Possible

Our folks are not getting any younger. I’ve seen my friends lose their folks to this effing virus. This pandemic has definitely reset our family’s priorities which now includes visiting our loved ones as often as we could. That also includes visiting my dad’s grave often.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

4. Less Social Media

Now this one is going to be the hardest for me. But for my peace of mind, I will spend less time on social media and spend more time talking and interacting with people for real. Social media has become the pus or tumor of this society – one that needs major overhaul or complete eradication.

Don’t get me wrong though. I will still use social media albeit primarily for promoting my resin products, art works, and talking to my Oilista Manila team via our group. I know my “real” friends will know how to talk to me. Preferably over a cup of coffee, on the beach, beside a bonfire, under the starry sky, and with music to boot.

Photo by Kindel Media on

5. Publish My First Book with My Illustrations

It’s been a dream of mine to write children’s book. Now that I have more confidence to paint and illustrate, I’m thinking if I should do the illustrations as well. I hope that when this pandemic is over, I will be able to publish my first book just so I could tick it off my bucket list. I am not hoping to earn from it but it’s one legacy I’d like to leave to my kids.

Photo by Lina Kivaka on

How about you? What’s in your list?



1 thought on “When This Pandemic is Over”

  1. Loved this post. I feel your frustration at this pandemic deep in my soul, and I’m one of the lucky ones in the world! This whole COVID thing has changed us in immeasurable ways. My aspirations for whenever the pandemic is over is; visit my ancestors country (I am Gamilaroi, an Aboriginal mob from northern NSW), I have never been to where they were as born and raised in QLD. 2nd, explore my skills with painting and weaving. The weaving is new, a few weeks ago I just suddenly needed to learn! 3rd, also to connect with people more and social media less. I am finding I am losing interest in the monotony of daily Facebook whingers, it’s sensory overload to the extreme. 4th, start believing in myself again, start trusting myself….with myself. 5) take the domestic and family violence organisation I help to run much further, expand it to help more people in real tangible ways. Anyway, hope you are doing well over there. Stay safe xx


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