Homeschooling Highlights for April 2021

homeschooling highlights photo collage
Photo collage of Ian’s first week. πŸ™‚

Ian’s First Week

  1. For Math, Ian practiced mental addition of hundreds using techniques described in Math Mammoth.
  2. He continued his lessons in “pang-abay” (in English, adverbs) using lessons from our homeschool provider.
  3. For Sibika, Ian reviewed and discussed all the responsibilities of community members.
  4. For Science we did three experiments – lava lamp, snow globe, and rain in a jar. We chose these three experiments for his performance tasks because the first two deals with the concept of viscosity. The “rain in the jar” experiment was a demonstration of water cycle. We got the ideas for these experiments via this website: Science Fun for Everyone. Give it a try! πŸ™‚
  5. Ian composed a piano piece entitled, “Mexico”. Here’s a YouTube video of him playing his favorite piece, Greensleeves, and Mexico:

6. Ian’s new lesson for this week was about conjunctions. He completed a few sentences by adding appropriate conjunctions. We have also recorded Ian reading a pop-up book about oceans as part of his performance tasks for English and Science. This pop-up book is one of our growing collection of pop-up books that I started a few years ago. Here are two videos of Ian reading the book:

7. Although it’s past Ian’s birthday, Ian volunteered to create his birthday plan using Canva as part of his computer lesson. It was originally his older brother’s project but he has the tendency to hover around his “kuya” when the latter does a project. He instantly liked the birthday plan lesson. Here’s a video of Ian’s birthday plan:

8. For this week’s Art Day Friday, I taught Ian’s fellow Grade 2 homeschooling students under Peniel, our homeschool provider, how to paint a landscape that features rock formations as well as basic lesson on earth science. Here’s a YouTube video of the whole session, real time:

homeschooling highlights photo collage
Nereus’ photo collage of his first week’s highlights.

Nereus’ Second Week

  1. For Math, Nereus studied about prime numbers, prime factorization, and greatest common factors using his book, Math Mammoth, as well as games from the website, Math Games.
  2. For English and Computer subjects, Nereus made a presentation of his birthday plan using the app, Canva. Here’s a video of his birthday plan:

3. As part of his performance tasks for English and Science, we recorded Nereus reading two pop-up books from our collection. The first one is about rainforest, YouTube video below:

The main purpose of this reading activity is to promote reading among kids, as well as increase awareness about the importance of rainforest on planet earth. It’s also my way of checking their diction. We have been actively posting videos of the kids on YouTube to get rid of stage frights, so they can perform with self-confidence in front of an audience in the future, hopefully. πŸ™‚

Here’s a video of Nereus as he gives his audience a tour around Harry Potter world using the pop-up book by Bruce Foster:

Next to our Game of Thrones pop-up book, the Harry Potter Pop-Book by Bruce Foster is one of our most treasured collection. πŸ™‚

4. For Science, Nereus read about hydroelectric power plants as continuation to his experiment on water wheel from previous month. After this, he went on to the next lesson on different types of rocks, my forte of course. So I made him ready my geology reference from college by Lutgens and Tarbuck:

nereus reading foundations of earth science by lutgens and tarbuck

5. Since rock types was Nereus’ lesson for Science, it has beautifully matched with our topic on Art Day Friday which was basic Geology and watercolor painting of rocky landscape. Shown below are the outputs of the students of our watercolor painting lesson, co-hosted by Nereus via Facebook live:

My output. This got sold last April 10. πŸ™‚

6. For History, Nereus read his lesson from Peniel about The Fourth Philippine Republic as well as a Wikahon story about Santakrusan.

7. For Nereus’ HELE lesson, he continued reading about entrepreneurship using lessons provided by Peniel.

8. Aside from Wikahon short stories, Nereus also studied about “sugnay ng pang-abay” (adverb clauses) and “uri ng pangungusap ayon sa kaayusan” (syntax).

Ian’s Second Week

  1. Ian answered a few word problems in Math Mammoth uses addition and subtraction of two digit numbers.
  2. Ian planted sunflower seeds as application of what he learned about plant cycle.
  3. Ian also designed his workspace and bedroom using PowerPoint. Below is the design he made:
Ian's bedroom design
Ian’s bedroom design.

4. Ian composed another piano piece which he calls “Planet Mars”. We have uploaded his video at YouTube below:

5. Ian painted donuts unassisted using Himi Miya gouache set. πŸ™‚

6. He also read the book “The Sound of Silence” which is one of our newest addition to our library. He absolutely liked the story though he had a hard time pronouncing the character’s name, Yoshio.

7. To unwind, we also spent a day just playing board games such as Spot It, Monopoly, Organ Attack, and Exploding Kittens.

Nereus’ Second Week

Aside from the games we played one day when we got to unwind, Nereus spent most of his time this week answering his fourth quarter exam sheets. In between answering the exams, he designed his virtual space and bedroom using the same PowerPoint slides Ian used. He also reviewed some of the lessons prior to taking the exam which took him one whole day.

Ian’s and Nereus’ Final Week in Homeschooling

Ian spent the week answering his fourth quarter exams while I checked Nereus’. After that they relaxed by painting, doodling, reading books, watching the TV and eating. πŸ™‚ I am now working on their portfolio by collating all the highlights I wrote on this website and adding in the photos and videos in PowerPoint. πŸ™‚

I’m relieved that this school year is over!

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