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This Website is Starting to Look Like An Art Blog

The whole Metro Manila, Philippines, is still on lockdown due to COVID. It’s hard to get supplies or get around because even public transportation is limited. So forgive me, my dear readerships, if I am resorting to art rather than science lately to distract me from the stressful situation we are in right now.

I have not abandoned my first love, Geology, though. Last April 9, I conducted a Facebook Live class inside our private group for fellow homeschooling families. In the class, I taught a few basics about Geology, rocks, and minerals. I then combined that lesson with an art session by painting a rocky landscape. I taught the kids three ways to paint rocks using watercolor. Below is the photo of my output, and a gallery of the kids’ outputs sent to me by their parents:

rocky landscape
Rocky landscape plus tree. 🙂

And here are the outputs of the kids, their faces covered in the photos for their privacy:

It gives me so much happiness everytime a parent sends his/her child’s output. I guess that’s the best part about being a teacher – seeing your students learn from you. It makes the effort that comes with preparing the lesson and all the materials worth it.

If you ever want to join our art class for free, please join our group on Facebook: Arts and Crafts by Mommy Grass. The group is new and open for homeschooling and non-homeschooling families. I plan to conduct my free arts and crafts classes inside the group, hopefully, every two weeks or so.

To help support this initiative as well as keep the classes free, do buy from my Shopee store for your art materials. Proceeds from my store will help pay for my own art materials, art classes, as well as this website’s annual premium.

Here’s a video of my most recent class in the group so you’d have a sneak peak into my class before you decide to join:

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