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Paperang Thermal Printer – My Best “Budol” Find of the Year (Yet)

Does the Tagalog word “budol” have an English equivalent? This was the question I had in mind when I was deciding for the title for this article. I Googled and the first link said that “budol” is a colloquial term for “someone who is gullible”. I think that the word has no English equivalent.

I’m not a linguist but I find this definition no longer accurate if one considers the current context the word is being used now, which is often related to shopping. A few years ago, “budol” would mean getting duped by unscrupulous people who are after your money. “Budol Gang” was a group of thugs who dupe people by various means to get money off them, usually through selling of counterfeit items or making fake calls to ask for monetary help for a love one who got into “accidents” that didn’t happen for real. There’s a long list of “modus operandi” for “budol”.

Nowadays though the word “budol”, especially when combined with “finds”, refer to product or products you saw on social media being promoted by influencers or your friends that you got “duped” into buying as well. The whole concept is the very reason why Facebook groups like “Home Buddies” grew its number of members quickly. To say, “na-budol ako” (I got duped) when used in the context of shopping would mean two things these days. Either you love the product you got duped into buying OR the thing is now seating at home, a white elephant that stabs you with buyer’s regret each time you see it.

The Paperang P1 Thermal Printer

(Disclaimer: I don’t earn from writing about Paperang as this is not a sponsored article. I am sharing my experience about thermal printers like Paperang P1 as it solved problems for me. I only rave about products that I truly find useful. If you find ads about Paperang on this website, that’s data mining at work.)

I found out about Paperang while I was browsing through Shopee Haul posts on the Shopee app. I do check the app often primarily because I sell my crafts on there. I had no pending orders that day so I checked the newsfeed just to see what people are buying these days, for personal market study.

Then I saw one influencer post about Papering thermal printer which she used to print waybills. I got interested because this solves the problem for sellers who don’t have regular printers to print waybills for shipments. I went to YouTube link she posted and saw her use her Paperang for journaling as well. That led me to go searching for more ways one can use thermal printers at Pinterest. Aside from journaling, I saw Pins on how students use Paperang to print lecture notes they took screenshots off – most of these were long algebraic expression and calculus formula. The last bit was the most convincing selling point for me. I like writing down notes during meetings or classes but I wish we had Paperang and smart phones back in my university days. With Paperang you can just screenshot or take photos of your teacher’s notes and print it. The thought of using thermal printers in homeschooling and Shopee shipments convinced me to get a Paperang printer.

I looked for shops on Shopee and Lazada that carry the products. I got the cheapest and well-reviewed one from Lazada after 2 days of searching. Yes, I like getting the bang for my buck so that means I do my due diligence before I buy. After two days, my Paperang P1 arrived to me, in my preferred teal color. Thank you, seller! Here are reasons why Paperang P1 is bang for my buck:

Packaging Orders

I use Paperang thermal printer now to print waybills, “thank you” notes, as well as links and QR codes on each parcel. I like adding my QR code so that when scanned, this website will have added traffic. I like to shoot birds with one stone (kids, I don’t mean that literally). πŸ˜‰

I recently got swamped with orders for LED Alphabet Night Lamps (Botanical Series). Normally I would prepare handwritten notes to say thank you to my customers. But with the number of orders I had to process, I just wrote a note using the Paperang app; added a QR code linking to this website; and printed copies on a roll of white stickers. I then cut each sticker using a scissor and stuck them on the brown bag as sealer too. Neat, right?

Speaking of orders, my printer recently bogged down on me after I’ve updated my Windows OS. So I had no choice but to print Shopee orders’ waybill using Paperang. I was worried that the courier won’t accept the tiny waybills. One caveat of using Paperang is the small size of the paper. Thankfully, the QR code was still readable by courier’s scanner. Paperang saved my shipments!

Tiny waybills printed using Paperang P1. The QR codes were still visible and could be scanned by courier. *happy dance*

Journal Spread

It was only this year that I took a leap from using pre-formatted journal to a blank one that’s open to my creativity. However, I had a hard time sticking to one theme and ended up just listing down to-do lists as well as content calendar for my social media in bullet format. Before July, my journal entries are filled with my ugly handwriting that only I can decipher, with nil decorative decals. Boring!

When I got my Paperang, I browsed through Pinterest and found so many ideas. I use Paperang now to print stickers, photos, lists, notes, and thumbnail calendars. Here some of the spreads I saw on Pinterest:

Photos below are my July and August months’ journal spread showing my tiny door paintings as well. Yay, my journal spreads are no longer ugly and boring!

Homeschooling Diary

Currently the most important use of Paperang for me is printing photos of homeschooling highlights on our diary to help with building our portfolio. The photos will serve as printed thumbnail to help me recall what we did for the month especially on weeks when I am too busy to upload the photos to my computer and put them in PowerPoint slides to build Ian’s digital portfolio. Using thermal printers like Paperang helps save expensive printer inks too. We now use our regular printer for printing exams, worksheets (albeit, rarely), and important documents.

Mailing Labels

I recently sent my paintings to two friends in Canada. I printed mailing tags on the packets that contain the painting so my friends won’t need to open the packets to know which paintings belong to who. I know I could have just written their names but the mailing tag also served as paper sealer. I also like that Paperang app comes with several templates. For these packets, I used this cute elephant template.

Warning or Caution Signs

Our oven toaster malfunctioned while I was heating my favorite moringa pandesal for breakfast. Pandesal is the famous bread that we Filipinos enjoy eating at breakfast with butter or cheese or hotdog. Despite the name which translates to salted bread, a common pandesal is a bit sweet. So I had to print this warning sign using Paperang P1 and thermal paper to ensure that no one in the family use the oven while it’s pending repair.

Aromatherapy Blends

My husband is going on a two-week fieldwork in the mountains so I prepared mosquito repellant roll-on blends using essential oils and carrier oil. I used the Paperang P1 to print the sticker labels and added transparent vinyl stickers on top to protect the paper labels from oil and moisture. I have also posted the recipe below for those who would like to try it (works like a charm):

How about you? Do you own a thermal printer? Do share how else you use them. I love to read about your ideas! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Paperang Thermal Printer – My Best “Budol” Find of the Year (Yet)”

  1. Hello! Your post makes me want to get one for myself. However, I’ve read something about some thermal papers having a BPA-related risk. Paperang is BPA-free, right?


    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. I’m not sure if Paperang papers are BPA-free. But, if they are, one of the articles I read suggests washing your hands within five minutes of handling papers with BPA. I hope that helps.


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