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I’ve deactivated my Facebook and it’s been absolute bliss

Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing fine. Sorry I had not been active on my blog this month as my schedule has been crazy. I also deactivated my Facebook due to post-election toxicity. I also had to remove “friends” on my friends’ list due to political differences which I will not expound on simply because I want this blog to be free of hate.

Turns out deactivating my Facebook has done a great deal to ease my anxiety. Not only that, I’ve also been more productive than ever. I have finished working on my son’s portfolio which is now ready for his homeschooling provider’s review. I am also now working on my first draft for my book that I plan to publish hopefully, within this year. The book that I want to work on is still a secret for now but once I’m done with it, I will definitely let you know! I also have enough time now to pick up my brush and dabble in gouache again.

Here are just some of the gouache works that I’ve done in the past weeks.

gouache landscape art waterfalls
Hidden waterfalls
gouache landscape art rock and flowers
Another iteration of blue flowers growing out of tuff rock
gouache landscape art rock and flowers
Blue flowers growing out of tuff rock
gouache landscape art rock and flowers
In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy painting rocks these days
gouache landscape art rock and flowers
Here’s one of my favorites simply because this painting was inspired by my belemnite fossil embedded in a block piece of rock (also in the picture). I added the flowers because deux en machina. 😉
gouache landscape art river scene
This landscape is Studio Ghibli-inspired. Just like in the previous paintings, I enjoyed painting the rock boulders along the banks!

Sharing this video of a rocky shore on a sunset that I painted using gouache also.

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t forgotten painting in my favorite paint which is watercolors! Here’s one that’s Studio Ghibli-inspired using White Nights watercolors (swatching video at the end of this blog).

Here’s another one using watercolors but this time, I painted of Valerie Chua’s doodles sketch – part of a collection of sketches on Canson Montval papers that I bought from Ifex store.

What’s new on our YouTube channel?

I will list down the videos here that I have uploaded since April. The list below includes four watercolor classes (Zoom recordings and demo) I gave my students for free as part of my birthday celebration and more. If you have time, do check them out.

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