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Volcanology 101 with Chris Newhall

The phreatic eruption of Taal has me walking down the memory lane the past days. I remember my Volcanology training in June 2012 when my colleagues and I had the privilege to get mentored by former USGS Geologist and Volcanologist, Chris Newhall. This is going to be a short blog with the intention to share… Continue reading Volcanology 101 with Chris Newhall

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Phreatomagmatic Eruption as Explained to Kids

In the previous post, I explained the mechanism that drove the phreatic eruption of Taal last January 12. Yesterday, PHIVOLCS announced that Taal is now at the stage of Phreatomagmatic or Hydrovolcanic activity. What does that mean? Screenshot of Dr. Encarnacion's (a_geologist @ IG) sketch below illustrates what could be happening inside Taal. The magma… Continue reading Phreatomagmatic Eruption as Explained to Kids