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Do you have YouTube channel, my dear readerships? I’ve had my YouTube account since last year but it’s only this week that I actively upload videos on there. Before this week, I have only used the app with my kids for tutorials and video links related to their lessons.

I seldom post videos of me on social media but lately, I have been opening myself up to the public by sharing mostly about my watercolor art, my essential oils infused DIYS, as well as homeschooling highlights of my kids. Today I decided to take a break from this week’s hustle and unwind by doing what relaxes me the most – watercolor painting. I have chosen belly dancers as my favorite subject for now so I drew my first one last night for painting today (photo below). Then the idea to take a video of me painting hit me! I mean, why not? I may be a newbie but there could be people out there that I might inspire with my recorded painting session. So I set-up my phone and lazypod, shot the video series, and edit using my computer’s Video Editor App and Canva. I then uploaded it on YouTube, link right at the bottom of this article.

sketch of a bellydancer
My first belly dancer for watercolor.
watercolor painting of my first bellydancer figure
The finished painting. If you notice the paper has disintegrated on me so I could no longer add more layers into this. Despite this, I’m happy with my sketch!
Here’s a full video of my painting session.

If you have YouTube channel, my dear readerships, let me know by dropping your link in the comments section below. Do subscribe to my channel, I will definitely subscribe back. That’s all folks. I wanted to keep this article short so I could go back to sketching another figure. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are!

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