How to Write in Baybayin with Free Worksheets

This month, my local homeschooling coop requested I teach them Baybayin as part of our monthly meet-up activity. Although I didn’t know how to write the Baybayin scripts, I relented because I have been wanting to study it for years. Now that I’m my kids’ teacher now, I decided it was about time to grab a calligraphy pen and learn our ancient Filipino language. I have also started teaching my kids how to write the scripts now although we haven’t gone past the character “ba”.

For those who have seen our Manila Tour Leg 1, you will probably remember that I have highlighted the section about Baybayin, our ancient Filipino language, that is recently regaining popularity. I’ve even seen people who wear Baybayin scripts as tattoo. Since our visit, I have been wanting to study the ancient scripts and I knew I could master it in a short time given that there are already apps and online resources out there for me to use. I was right. It only took me two hours to learn how to write the characters, and half day to memorize all. There’s an app that also quiz you on Baybayin, shared by my husband who has learned it ahead of me. You can download the app here:

This National Museum’s copper plate features the character “Pa” in Baybayin.

The online charts of Baybayin vary from author to author. I chose to follow the ones in my app that are closest to the ones I saw at the museum. Since I was tasked to teach my fellow homeschooling parents, I decided to also design worksheets that will be used by them for practice. I have attached this 6-page worksheets here for those who are interested to practice. Please do take note that this 6-page worksheet should not be used for commercial use nor should it be posted at your website without my permission.

Download the worksheet here:

Click to access thefabscientist_baybayinv02.pdf

Photos above show my two kids learning how to write Baybayin using my worksheets.

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10 thoughts on “How to Write in Baybayin with Free Worksheets”

  1. Galing! Maybe on our kids’ generation, they can revive this way of writing. I envy our fellow SEA nations for being able to preserve or continue their very own writing system and hence, have their own identity.


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