Homeschooling Highlights for August 2020

For the month of August, majority of our homeschooling activities focused on so many things about our home country, the Philippines, this being the month of our national language - Filipino. We also did plenty of art, STEM projects (such as Mars Rover and Helicopter prototypes from NASA), data gathering for science through play, and… Continue reading Homeschooling Highlights for August 2020


How to Write in Baybayin with Free Worksheets

This month, my local homeschooling coop requested I teach them Baybayin as part of our monthly meet-up activity. Although I didn't know how to write the Baybayin scripts, I relented because I have been wanting to study it for years. Now that I'm my kids' teacher now, I decided it was about time to grab… Continue reading How to Write in Baybayin with Free Worksheets