Tip for Homeschoolers: Use Canva to Create Stunning Posters and Photo Collages

My son’s project for Social Studies utilizing Canva as creative platform.

My son’s topic on Social Studies today focuses on the Early Inhabitants of the Philippines. To help him retain information he was reading from his book, as well as combine as many subjects as we can (Social Studies + Computer for this project), I decided let him use Canva, an online creative platform that lets one make stunning posters, social media posts, collage, magazine, flyers, all for free. A friend recommended this platform to me early this year, and since then, I have been using it to create my posts at Instagram and Facebook.

I asked my son to choose pictures from our visit of the National Museum last June 26 and create a collage and short articles about some of them. He entitled his project, Ancient Philippines, where he highlighted the Negritos, Laguna Copper Plate with inscriptions, Manungul Jar, and Baybayin.

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This is the photo of son’s project, second page.

Since he is a new user of the platform, he’s had a lot of help from me especially on writing the paragraphs. The photos used were raw, no editing was done since the time is too short for that. He worked on this for close to three (3) hours. Maybe I should also enroll him to a photography class. Hmmmm.

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