Unboxing Our Mini Wikahon-A

One of my realizations as first time homeschooling parent teacher is that Filipino, sadly, is the hardest to teach despite it being our native tongue at home. Unlike most families I meet in our community, we talk in Filipino more than half the time, speaking in our second language, English, only when our lessons are… Continue reading Unboxing Our Mini Wikahon-A


Transcending Boundaries with Science

When I took up Geology, all I ever expected to experience was that I'd travel around, take rock samples, identify rock formations, measure faults and fractures, create geologic maps, and write reports. That's it. There won't be a lot of human interactions, at the personal level, whatsoever. Purely professional. No one was allowed to get… Continue reading Transcending Boundaries with Science


Learn Baybayin this “Buwan ng Wika” using this worksheet

This month, my local homeschooling coop requested I teach them Baybayin as part of our monthly meet-up activity. Although I didn't know how to write the Baybayin scripts, I relented because I have been wanting to study it for years. Now that I'm my kids' teacher now, I decided it was about time to grab… Continue reading Learn Baybayin this “Buwan ng Wika” using this worksheet