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My Current Bag Painting Fever

Hello my dear readerships. There's something about me that you might find surprising. I never liked hand bags or shoulder bags. I prefer carrying my stuff in a backpack, a messenger bag or a laptop bag. I have a few backpacks, one messenger bag (bought second hand), and a laptop bag which I got for… Continue reading My Current Bag Painting Fever


Ian’s Homeschooling Highlights January 2022

January definitely was one for the books. The start of the year was scary for us simply because we came back to Manila from our Bicol trip while Omicron virus was wreaking havoc in Metro Manila. We wanted to stay in Bicol where there were no reported case of COVID but we had to come… Continue reading Ian’s Homeschooling Highlights January 2022

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Paint Harry Potter with Me and the Busy Months Ahead

Hello, my dear readerships. If you noticed, I haven't written much these past few weeks. I was away for two weeks for the much needed holiday break last month and my January was jampacked with my teaching responsibilities such as review of my students' performance tasks and grading. I am also mentally and physically preparing… Continue reading Paint Harry Potter with Me and the Busy Months Ahead