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The Fabulos Scientist’s First Project Ever: The Rock Dig Kit

Have you ever gone to a natural history museum like the ones we have in the country, National Museum and NIGS museum? They’re the best. At NIGS museum, my youngest son’s favorite was the sand box! During the Geology, I also got to teach the kids how to break a rock using the sample pick.

My baby boy enjoying the sand box with a new found friend.

It was during the kids’ Geology Tour, while watching the kids happily play with the sand and break the rocks that an idea struck me: why not create a block of rock with real geologic specimens for kids to dig through like the little explorers that they are?

I decided to name my first batch as the Laguna Formation, named after Laguna Lake.

My rock dig kit took 2 months of planning, preparation, and assembly. Each block of artificial sedimentary rock made from plaster of paris and cocoa + cinnamon powders to make them look like sedimentary rock layers. Each dig kit contains 5 random and real geologic specimens of minerals, fossil ammonite, tektite, and rocks. Each set comes with dig tools, safety goggles, and real 10x magnification hand lens that we Geologists use for our field study.

I used cinnamon and cocoa powder to color the plaster shades of brown so that they look like real sedimentary rocks.

The kit also includes a booklet I personally assembled which includes an instruction on how to safely use the kig and 3-page Treasure Hunt Cards that contain pictures of possible specimens and descriptions to tick against the ones your child finds in the rock. There are worksheet cards also that the kids can fill-out when describing each specimen, designed to help your child be keen observers. A special discount voucher was also included to use for next purchase at my Shopee store.

I’ve included a pair of goggles for the kids’ safety as some pieces of the rock might ricochet to their eyes.
Also included in the kit are these dig tools.
The kids will work on the dig tool like real geologists by using this hand lens to look at the specimens more closely.
The dig kit comes with a booklet I’ve personally designed which included 3-page Treasure Hunt Cards with descriptions and pictures of 36 possible specimens they could find in the dig kit. Each kit contains 5 specimens out of the 36 randomly added in the rock by yours truly.

There are 5 kits currently available on hand, which I’m offering at an introductory price of Php 1200 per kit. You may order the dig kit via Shopee by clicking the hyperlink below:

Rock Dig Kit at Shopee

I’m working on another geology projects for the kids soon so stay tuned to this blog! 🙂

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