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Meus Amicus, Meus Vir – A Poetry About Friendship

(This poem was originally posted in my private blog in March 16, 2008.)

like a bunch of flowers in a dark room
your aura takes aways the gloom;
overwhelming sadness to which I succumb
shy away from your musical laughter;

like a waterfall against a jagged bluff
tears spill on my anguished face;
you come like sunshine on a summer’s day
evaporating the watery pearls of woes;

you are the wind beneath my eagle wings
you push me up to fly so high;
beyond the intimidating mountains
above the menacing nimbus clouds;

along came the ominous storm,
that weakened strongest of hearts;
I succumbed once again to revulsion,
of this tempest of existence;

behind your rocky cliff of faith
that never crumbles from tectonics;
you hid me deep in your crevices
away from ironic humor of fate;

you are the lotus on my dirty pond,
that blooms above the sinful mud;
you took me out of the murky depth,
to defy the grinning face of death;

where will I be without you?
under the murky pond of existence?
drowning in the sorrows of the world?
not seeing the beauty of elusive hope?

what will I be without you?
a crippled eagle with broken wings?
sucked dry by pestilential worms?
painfully rotting to oblivion?

(—— by the fabulous scientist)

Today, I remember the friend who stayed with me during my darkest hours when I thought life was simply something I can take away just like that. I shall never forget such kindness that saved me from my own demons. With this poem which took me 3 hours to write and originally posted in my private blog, I hope I have amply said my gratitude. To my readerships, if I can be your ship in your personal tempest, allow me to be one. You are loved, my friend.

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