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Paint with Me: French Lavender Macarons – A Watercolor Beginner Lesson

Hello everyone! This is just a short announcement regarding my newly uploaded step-by-step painting demo in my YouTube channel. If you love what you see in this website so far, do visit my channel, give me a thumbs up or comment where allowed (videos designed for kids don’t allow comments). I would love to see my readerships there as well!

Anyway, this latest “paint with me” episode is a step-by-step demo of how I sketched and painted French lavender macarons, referenced from the photo below:

I cropped the photo down to just three macarons at the bottom and opted to change some of the elements in my painting. I got this reference photo from Pinterest, through this link: In this step-by-step demo, I also loosely painted some of the flowers such as the purple pea flower and lavender blossoms.

If you would like to paint along, here’s a list of the materials I used to paint these macarons:

  • Watercolors: lavender pastel (other option: mix white with violet), yellow, yellow ochre, pastel orange/peach, sap green, Prussian blue
  • Round brushes size 12 and 6
  • Cellulose paper or 100% cotton cold pressed papers
  • pencil
  • kneadable eraser
  • clean jar of water

Hope you and the kids will have fun painting along! 🙂

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